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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts are with the families who have had to face the loss of their loved one due to a preventable work related incidence. We are here to help or give guidance and support, so please let us know if we can help you by going to

February 1, 2015 - Pueblo, CO - An unidentified man from Denver died on the job after being caught in between equipment while working at Xcel Energy's Comanche Generating Station. A witness said he was walking next to heavy equipment as a large transformer was being moved from one area to another, and was crushed during that operation and later died from his injuries. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

February 1 - Renton, WA - Alan Roberts was a shuttle car driver for Shuttle Express, Inc. when he was found unresponsive outside of his vehicle in a store parking lot. It was determined that he died of a heart attack.

February 2 - Lincoln, NE - 30 year old Emil Galabov of Harwood Heights, IL was driving a semi tractor-trailer for an unknown company when he collided with another semi tractor-trailer. Galabov was thrown from the truck during the crash.

February 2 - Carol Stream, IL - 35 year old Chad Nelson of Elgin was killed on the job in an air tank explosion at Maac Machinery manufacturing plant in Carol Stream. The estimated 200 gallon air tank was being tested for leaks when the explosion occurred. There was no fire or smoke associated with the incident.

February 3 - Chattanooga, TN - 54 year old Wallace Scarbro was killed on the job from an unknown cause while working for the Chattanooga Wrigley candy manufacturing plant. The statement by the company does not give a cause of death but an investigation is underway. This is the second death at the plant in 16 months.

February 3 - Hillsboro, TX - 50 year old Michael Fortner of Wiggins, MS was an employee of Strike, the Woodlands-based energy services company when he died on the job. Authorities say it appeared that Fortner, a mechanic, was repairing the brake system on a commercial truck and trailer, when the safety devices failed, causing the trailer to back over and crush him. 

February 3 - Texarkana, TX - 61 year old Jose Andrede of Texarkana, AR was working on a new road in the area when he somehow became pinned between the backhoe and backhoe's boom arm and died. He was an employee for Texarkana Construction Company.

February 3 - Indiantown, FL - An unidentified migrant worker was fatally crushed as he waited to begin his work day at a local farm. Authorities said one worker hopped behind the wheel of the bus when the driver was late to work, pulling it in front of a restaurant. He then tried to back the bus into place, accidentally crashing through a small fence into two men sitting on a bench out front. One worker was killed, the other injured.

February 5 - Glen Ridge, NJ - 31 year old Michael Alfaro of Carteret most likely suffered a fatal electrocution while working on a utility pole near a private residence while PSE&G crews were investigating a power outage in the area. He was found standing on a ladder that was leaning against the utility pole. He was an employee for Comcast.

February 5 - Medora, IL - 59 year old Kenneth Lehr was the beloved Fire Chief of the Medora Fire District. He died when he was struck and killed while on the job.  Authorities say firefighters were in the process of shutting down a section of highway so a medical helicopter could land. That’s when a another firefighter backed up his truck and struck the chief.

February 6 - Highland Park, MI - 33 year old Roderick Jones was an Army Ranger veteran and a member of the Highland Park Reserve Police when he was gunned down in an altercation at a club. Police said Jones went outside to secure the parking lot for club goers and employees when he was ambushed and shot three times in the chest. He started his own security company and was working security for the club.

February 6 - Columbia, SC - 31 year old Marvis L. Myers died after being buried in a trench collapse. He was working for the City of Columbia, four to six feet below ground level working on pipe repairs when the cave-in occurred. He was freed but died later at a local hospital.

February 6 - Manhattan, KS - 30 year old William Wiske of Wamego was working to repair a water main when a trench collapsed around him near a street intersection in Manhattan. He was an employee of the Water Services Division of the City of Manhattan.

February 6 - Huntsville, AL - 51 year old Marie Sanderson of Union Grove and 43 year old Aimee Cothran Bearden of Huntsville were both employees for UltraTec Special Effects in Huntsville, a fireworks plant, when an explosion and fire occurred. Several other workers were injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

February 6 - Florence, KY - 30 year old Joel Rebennack died on the job after he was struck by an alleged drunk driver. Rebennack was standing behind his bucket truck when another vehicle hit and pinned him. The driver who struck him has been arrested for his death. She was earlier arrested and released on an influence charge. The bucket truck belonged to the Bowlin Group and is subcontracted to Time Warner Cable.

February 7 - Bellingham, WA -  Ted R. Carter was at his job with Parker Corporate Services, Inc. dba Pacific Security when he suffered a fatal medical event that was non work-related. He was found deceased by the company client.

February 8 - Irondequoit, NY - 46 year old Scott Ponticello was a lineman for Rochester Gas & Electric when he died on the job of an unknown cause. Reports state he was found on the ground but gave no details as to why.

February 9 - San Antonio, TX - 45 year old Jesus Ruiz died on the job of what is being called a mysterious death. He had been down inside an eight foot hole at the back of the Alcoa Mill Products property when he told a co-worker he did not feel well. After sitting down in the hole, he lost consciousness. Emergency crews were unable to revive him.

February 9 - Kirkwood, MO - 47 year old Chrissy Wilson-Mueller had clocked out of her shift for the United States Postal Service and was walking to her car when she was struck by a motorist on December 30, 2014. She suffered brain trauma, broken bones and a collapsed lung. She never regained consciousness and was recently released to hospice care before she passed away on the 9th.

February 10 - Albuquerque, NM - 25 year old German Caballero of Kermit, TX was working near a well at the Concho rig site when he was struck in the head by a steel beam. Police say he died on the job after the piece of steel, that was being removed from the well, fell onto him. It is unclear who he was working for.

February 11 - Duncannon, PA - 52 year old Theresa Walsh of Millfont was directing traffic as a modular home was was being transported along the road when she was struck by a motorist. She was standing outside her vehicle when a young woman struck her car and ultimately her. She was unable to be revive at the site. It is not clear who she was employed by.

February 11 - Goliad, TX - 40 year old Scotty O'Neal Stanley of Livingston died after falling from an unnamed oil rig in Texas. Other workers heard a hardhat fall and looked up to see Stanley dangling from his safety harness. Authorities believe Stanley slipped and fell, striking his head and being left unconscious. A co-worker was able to lower him down but he died by the time emergency personnel arrived.

February 12 - Lennox, SD - 45 year old Jon Richter was a dispatcher at the Lennox Sioux Steel Company. He was shot to death in a case of workplace violence. Richter was assigning trucks to deliver trailers to different locations and asked an individual to transport a trailer to another state. An argument ensued for an unknown reason and the other worker returned with a weapon and shot Richter and another worker, who survived.

February 12 - Cannon Falls, MN - 81 year old John Simon Schafer of Goodhue was working for O'Reilly Auto Parts in Cannon Falls when he suffered injuries due to a fall. He was 8 feet to 10 feet off the ground while working in a confined area with metal racking. His fall was not observed by others.

February 13 - Joliet, IL - 22 year old Jeremy Hughes died on the job after he was pinned between two vehicles. He was working at Center Point Properties when his truck became stuck on a patch of ice while moving containers.  He exited his tractor when, unknown to the him, another driver began using his truck to try and push him free from the rear. Hughes was then between his vehicle and another container parked next to him, and he was pinned.

February 13 - Lexington, KY - 27 year old Nicholas A. Hamm of Georgetown was killed on the job when his work truck ran off a two-lane stretch of roadway, snapping a utility pole and hitting two trees. Hamm, who police say was alone in the truck, lost control when his right-side wheels dropped off the steep edge of the pavement and apparently couldn't steer the vehicle back onto the road.He was employed by Matco Tools.

February 13 - Citronelle, AL - 25 year old Marshall James Walton of Mobile died on the job after a pickup truck hit the trailer he was working on. The driver of the vehicle stayed on scene after the accident. Walton was working for his family's business, John G. Walton Construction Co., Inc.

February 14 - Hershey, NE - 59 year old Russ Peterson of Ogallala was killed on the job in an incident at Simplot Grower Solutions. Peterson was trapped inside a ladder safety cage between the grain leg and the roof of the building when the leg he was climbing collapsed onto the roof. Authorities said it appeared the leg was rusted at the base.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and healing wishes are with all the family members who have lost a loved one while working. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have been through a work related death and understand. Please visit for more information.

January 9, 2014 - Buffalo, WY - 26 year old Joshua Adams of Gillette died on the job from a partial rig collapse at Basic Energy Services oil derrick. He suffered blunt force trauma when he was pinned under several 'sucker' or drilling rods. Details were not given as to how the incident happened.

January 14 - Watford, ND - 37 year old Wes Herrmann suffered fatal burns at a QEP Resources oil well site explosion near Mandaree. He was the owner of a start-up roustabout company, Legendary Field Services, doing a fairly routine tube change on the heater-treater unit when a sudden ignition created an inferno of fire. He died at an area hospital. 

January 15 - Bismark, ND - An unidentified man was found dead on a catwalk of an oil well tank battery. He was gauging the tank setup at a Denbury Resources well site between Dickinson and Manning. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

January 15 - Farmington Hills, MI - 37 year old Greg Messenger of Temperance was severely injured on his arms, hands and face when he was trapped in the Jan. 8 fire inside a large storage tower at Piedmont Concrete in Farmington Hills. Six others who were injured in the fire have since recovered. Messenger died at the hospital on January 15.

January 15 - St. Louis, MO - 50 year old Scott Knopfel was an overnight manager for the Drury Inn Hotel when he was shot to death by an armed robber at the hotel. The suspect came up to the hotel doors, which were locked, but was allowed in by Knopfel. After entering the hotel lobby and engaging in conversation with Knopfel, the suspect showed a handgun and vaulted the counter. Knopfel and the suspect engaged in a struggle while the cash drawer was opening before shooting Knopfel in the head.

January 16 - Augusta, GA - 59 year old Ralph Avery Zorn of Barnwell, SC died on the job due to a fall.  He was standing on a scissor lift at Machuch Steel in Augusta when another piece of equipment reportedly struck the lift, causing him to fall approximately 20-30ft. He died later that day at an area hospital.

January 17 - Annapolis Junction, MD - An unidentified worker at Rock's State Park was killed when he was struck by falling jersey wall falling from above, possibly caused by moving equipment. He and several other workers were assisting in the effort to stabilize a portion of Route 24 in the park. He was an employee for Corman Construction who had the lead in the project. C.G Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company for Corman. Repeated attempts to local his name have been unsuccessful.

January 17 - Melbourne, FL - 36 year old Leonardo Coppola died a hero when he was shot to death by an employee's husband as he tried to shield her from harm. Police have confirmed that Coppola tried to move the woman out of the way when her husband turned up at the mall to confront her and also attempted to grab the gun away. The wife was shot but survived. Coppola was the owner of a pizzeria at the mall in Melbourne, name unknown.

January 17 - San Marcos, CA - 48 year old Jabar Issa of El Cajon was a tow truck driver who was helping fix a flat tire for a motorist when he was struck and killed by another motorist. The name of Issa's employer is unknown.

January 17 - Burbank, CA - 37 year old Greg Plitt, Jr., fitness model and Bravo reality star, was apparently shooting a fitness video on a train track as he had before, but this time he was struck and killed by a commuter train near the Burbank train station. Authorities are investigation how he and his crew got onto the restricted track or who gave them permission to shoot there.

January 17 - West Palm Beach, FL - 48 year old Hermino Padilla, Jr. was a plant supervisor for West Palm Beach Water Treatment Facility. He died on the job after he fell through a possible unsafe grate, through the system and into a sewage tank.

January 19 - Joliet, IL - 24 year old Mohammad Y. Eid was a store clerk for Gardner Food Mart when an armed gunman came into the store to rob it. He pulled out his own gun and a gunfight ensure and that is when he was shot. The gunman also died after being shot.

January 19 - Augusta, KY - 35 year old Brandon William Carl died on the job when the Hopple Street overpass bridge suffered a "catastrophic pancake" collapse during demolition. He was working from an excavator under the overpass when it collapsed and he was crushed. He was employed by Kokosing Construction working for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

January 20 - Center Point, AL - 20 year old Chance Richard Rolland was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist during road construction while directing traffic. He was employed by T.E. Stevens Construction.

January 20 - Boston, MA - 44 year old Dr. Michael Davidson of Wellesly died on the job when he was confronted by a gunman who shot him while working at Brigham and Woman's Hospital. The gunman was reported the son of a patient of Dr. Davidson's when she died.

January 20 - Rock's State Park, MD - An unidentified worker was killed when he was struck by debris from a falling jersey wall. He and another worker went into the base of a ravine to retrieve some equipment. A lane separator, known as a jersey wall collapsed and fell on top of him. Repeated attempts to locate his name and employer have been unsuccessful.

January 21 - Upper West Side, NY - 61 year old Frank Dragotta of Morganville, NJ died on the job when he fell down an elevator shaft as he working in a building in Manhattan, NY. It is unknown who he was employed by.

January 21 - Cumming, GA - 27 year old Brian Johnson was killed on the job when he was struck by a falling tree while working with a crew that was clearing trees for new power lines. He was an employee for Shawnee Electric Corporation (EMC).

January 21 - Bunker, MO - John Hoodenpyle, Sr. was a miner working at the Fletcher Mine when he was fatally struck by falling rock. He was checking for and removing loose rock from the Doe Run Company’s mine. According to the company, the employee's equipment cab was hit by loose material, which fatally injured him.

January 21 - Everett, WA - Kenneth Staberow was at work for Boeing Company when he collapsed and died of a non work related medical event.

January 22 - Carrollton, GA - 45 year old Charles Pollard of Ranburne, AL was shoveling mud and gravel from a roadway in Georgia when he was struck by a motorist in the road. According to his obituary he was working for McIntyre Lumber Company as an equipment operator.

January 23 - Middletown, CT - 40 year old Jason Strycharz of Portland died on the job after he was struck by a piece of steel that was swinging from a crane inside a warehouse. He was an employee for Kloeckner Metals factory in Middletown.

January 23 - Ticonderoga, NY - 57 year old Jorg Borowski of Schroon Lake died at a local hospital from burns he received earlier in the day at International Paper's Ticonderoga paper mill. Borowski was on the maintenance crew at the mill and was injured in mill’s Power House, which burns fuel oil and bark to generate electricity for the plant’s two paper machines.

January 23 - Phoenix, AZ - 21 year old Grant Ronnebeck was well liked by his co-workers and loved by family and friends.  Many of them are still in shock over his murder. He was working at the Quik Trip when an armed robbery suspect walked in and shot him over a pack of cigarettes. 

January 25 - Manhattan, NY - 38 year old Moctar Sy was the manager of a Home Depot store in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A disgruntled ex-employee who had been fired went into the store and was speaking to another employee when he saw his old boss. He then pulled a gun and shot Sy to death before turning the gun on himself.

January 25 - Brooklyn, NY - 49 year old Rafael Pujols was shot to death during a robbery when he refused to hand over money to the alleged suspect. After shooting Pujols, the suspect fled the Las Vegas Deli & Grocery store without money or property. 

January 28 - Aberdeen, MD - 33 year old Eric Jones of Forest Hill was operating a forklift at Northeastern Supply Distribution Center when another forklift "bumped" into his and he was knocked off. He fell backward approximately 20 feet to the floor.

January 28 - North Charleston, SC - 54 year old David Swain was found unresponsive on the stage of the North Charleston Performing Arts Center next to the basket of a toppled lift. He fell approximately 30 feet to the stage floor. He was the Technical Director and an employee of SMG, the company hired to manage operations at the PAC.

January 28 - Midland, TX - 26 year old Fabian Garduno Martinez died and a co-worker injured when they were knocked off a scissor lift. The two men were demolishing a brick wall with sledge hammers while standing on a scissor lift. The brick wall then collapsed, causing the lift to fall. Garduno-Martinez fell out of the lift and hit his head on the ground. The company the men were working for is unknown.

January 29 - Farmington, CT - 65 year old Neil Hynick of Schofield, WI was a truck driver delivering bundles of aluminum to Stanley Access Technologies when a load of steel and aluminum fell on him. A spokesman for Stanley Black & Decker, which owns Stanley Access Technologies, said Hynick was a third-party contractor but did not name the company he worked for.

January 30 - Chicago, IL - 45 year old Joel Ogiego of Portage, IN died on the job after he was crushed in a construction incident. Ogiego was about 60 feet above ground working inside a crane during the construction of a high-rise residential building. He was leaning into a shaft where a cage, or "elevator," was descending, and pinned him against the crane. The name of the construction company he was working for is unknown.

January 31 - Shawnee, OK - Trooper Nicholas Dees and another Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper were were responding to a semi truck that had tipped over the median. While they were investigating the incident, the two were hit by another vehicle. The car that struck the officers passed a blocked area instead of staying the lane where traffic was being diverted, going around the police vehicle.

and another worker went into the base of a ravine at the site to retrieve some equipment around 1:30 p.m. Friday when a lane separator—also known as a jersey wall or jersey barrier—fell on top of him and killed him. - See more at:
and another worker went into the base of a ravine at the site to retrieve some equipment around 1:30 p.m. Friday when a lane separator—also known as a jersey wall or jersey barrier—fell on top of him and killed him. - See more at:

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thanks go out to Ellen Smith, the editor of Mine Safety and Health News who compiled an ongoing list of miners who have died on the job in 2014. We reported a few of the individuals but many on her list we were not aware of. We have opted to post the full list of miners in memoriam.  

January 16 - Davis County, WV - 20 year old Daniel Lambka was a general inside laborer working at Mettiki Coal WV LLC's Mountain View Mine when he became pinned against the rib by a coal feeder in the underground mine.

February 1 - Iron County, UT - 56 year old Mark Rowley was a belt operator who became entangle in a belt conveyor. He was working for the surface iron ore mine, Mountain Lion Mine, operated by Gilbert Development Corp. (Steve L. Gilbert) under contract to CML Metals (Luxor Capital Group LP/Palladon Ventures Ltd).

February 21 - Buchanan County, VA - 24 year old Arthur "D.J." Gelentser III was a continuous miner operator at the underground coal mine, Dominion Coal Corp. (SunCoke Energy Inc.) Mine No. 30 when he became caught between a continuous mining machine and coal rib.

February 21 - Jefferson County, KY - 37 year old Felipe Vizcaya was a laborer who fell into an open elevator shaft while working as an Independent Contractor for Personal Touch Enterprises LLC at a surface cement plant Cemex Inc. / Kosmos Cement Company.

February 28 - Story County, IA -  27 year old Courtney Johnston was a service technician working as an independent contractor for Interstate Powers Systems, Inc., an underground limestone mine, when he fell from a scaling machine under repair. He was working at Martin Marietta Inc.'s Ames Mine. 

February 28 - Suffold County, NY - 50 year old Declan Boland was working for John B. Tintle's East Coast Mines Ltd. when he was engulfed in backfill material at the surface sand and gravel mine. He was a mechanic/safety director.

March 25 - Gibson County, IN - 41 year old Timothy Memmer was a mechanic trainee working at the underground coal mine Gibson Mine when he became pinned between parts of a coal feeder during repair. The mine owner was Gibson County Coal LLC (Alliance Resource Partners LLC).

March 27 - Virginia Beach, VA - 64 year old Robert Devich was a manager for a sand dredging operation owned by John M. Baillio dba Baillio Sand Co., Inc. when he was struck by a 200 foot long pipe at Lord Farm #5.

April 11 - Genevieve County, MO - 53 year old John Hahl was working for Mississippi Lime Company's Sainte Genevieve Mine as a utility/boom operator when he was struck by falling rib rock in the underground limestone mine.

April 11 - Genevieve County, MO - 29 year old Christopher Rawson was working for Mississippi Lime Company's Sainte Genevieve Mine as a utility/boom operator and died when he was struck by falling rib rock in the underground limestone mine.

April 17 - Wabaunsee County, KS - 58 year old Harold Steege was a truck driver working for Hafenstine Construction at Hafenstine Plant #1 when he was struck by an excavator bucket. 

April 18 - Kanawha County, WV - 58 year old Tommy Reynolds was a security guard who drowned in a water filled ditch. He was an independent contractor for Allied Security working at the surface coal facility, Law River Col., LLC (L.W. Hamilton/Warren Hylton), Crown Hill Dock.

April 24 - Pointe Coupee Parish, LA - 50 year old James Gibson III was a dozer operator who was thrown from a bulldozer while working at the surface clay mine, Big River Industries (CRH Plc), Gravelite Division. He was an independent contractor for Craig Neal and Sons LLC. 

April 28 - Elko County, NV - 53 year old Richard Otto was working for Klondex Mine Operations, Inc. (Klondex Mines Ltd), Midas Mine when he died after becoming entangled in drill steel at the underground gold mine.

May 1 - Pershing County, NV - 57 year old William "Mitch" Hill was president and co-owner of the Silver State Minerals LLC Gypsum Mountain Mine. He died after the all terrain vehicle he was on overturned.

May 9 - Gaines County, TX - 20 year old Miguel Nino was working as a groundman when he became entangled in a mobile conveyor at a surface sand and gravel mine. The mine was owned by Mississippi Sand LLC, Seagraves plant. 

May 12 - Boon County, WV - 46 year old Gary Hensley was a roof bolter/mobile roof support operator when he was struck by a coal outburst during retreat mining at the underground coal mine. He was working at the Brody Mine No. 1 (aka Black Stallion Mine) owned by Brody Mining LLC (Patriot Coal Corp). 

May 12 - Boone County, WV - 48 year old Eric Legg was a continuous miner operator when he was struck by a coal outburst during retreat mining at the underground coal mine Brody Mine No. 1 (aka Black Stallion Mine). The mine is owned by Brody Mining LLC (Patriot Coal Corp.)

May 14 - Franklin County, IL - 25 year old William Daniel Payne was killed when he was pinnede between a roof bolting machine and coal rib while working as a roof bolter for the underground coal mine MC #1 mine, aka Foresight Energy's Sugar Camp Complex. M-Class Mining LLC (Coal field Transport, or Coal Field Transports, Inc., exclusive contractor for Foresight Energy).

June 2 - Shoshone County, ID - 36 year old Nicholas Rounds was a shaft repairman at an underground silver mine, Sunshine Mine, when he was caught between an ore car and shaft timber. The mine's owner is Silver Opportunity Partners LLC (Sunshine Silver Mines Corp.)

June 4 - Campbell County, WY - 25 year old Joshua Wishard was an independent contractor for Rogers Construction Inc., at a surface coal mine when he was caught in a rock crusher machine. The coal mine: Peabody Powder River LLC (Peabody Energy), North Antelope Rochelle. 

June 18 - Chesterfield County, SC - 41 year old Christopher Melton was a production supervisor at a surface sand and gravel mine, Hanson Aggregates Southeast LLC (HeidelbergCement AG), Brewer Sand, when he died after the explosion of a slurry pump that was being repaired. 

June 23 - Big Horn County, MT - 58 year old Stewart "Randy" Orcutt was a haul truck driver at a surface coal mine when his truck went through a berm and fell to the trench bottom. He worked for Spring Creek Coal LLC (Cloud Peak Energy Inc.), Spring Creek Coal Co.

July 21 - Colleton County, SC - 28 year old Kyle Martin was an assistant plant manager for Murray Mines Inc. (James O. Murray Jr.) when he suffered a fatal electric shock inside an aluminum boat during a sand and gravel dredge.

July 23 - Hernando County, FL - 51 year old Ismael Santana was a truck driver who was struck by a front end loader while working as an independent contractor for New Line Transport/Tri-State Carriers/Cemex Tri-State Carriers Transportation Service. He was struck at the surface crushed-limestone operation, Cemex Brooksville South Cement Plant. 

August 2 - Valley County, MT - 53 year old Robert Irwin was a plant operator for Fossum Ready Mix, Belzer Plant, when he was caught under a falling dump truck bed under repair at the the surface sand and gravel mine.

August 20 - Buchanan County, VA - 41 year old Michael "Buddy" Justice was a maintenance supervisor who suffered an electric shock while troubleshooting a roof bolter at the Buchanan Mine #1, an underground coal mine owned by CONSOL Buchanan Mining Co. LLC (CONSUL Energy Inc.)

August 25 - St. Lawrence County, NY - 54 year old Glenn Dibble was working at a limestone operation, Gardenscape of New York (David George Kasmoch) as a truck driver when he fell from a stack of pallets. 

September 15 - Walker County, AL - 53 year old Barry Duncan was a bulldozer operator at Manchester Mine when the dozer went off a high-wall at the surface coal mine owned by Black Warrior Minerals Inc. (Roger W. and Rance Perry/Leah Perry-Haynie). 

September 16 - Carbon County, UT - 46 year old Alejandro Ramirez was a shuttle car operator when he was caught in the pinch point of a loader while setting roof supports. He worked at the underground coal mine, West Ridge Mine, owned by West Ridge Resources, Inc. (Robert E. Murray).

September 26 - Harris County, TX - 55 year old Mark Benoit was a maintenance mechanic at the Hockley Mine when he was struck by a forklift being repaired at a surface area of the underground salt mine owned by United Salt Corp. (Texas United Corp.).

October 7 - Bell County, KY - 31 year old Justin Mize was a utility man at Tinsley Branch HWM 61 when he was struck by rock after entering a high-wall opening at the underground area of the surface coal mine. The mine is owned by Commonwealth Mining LLC (Cox Enterprises/LC Management).

October 10 - Berks County, PA - 66 year old Lance Laity was an independent contractor truck driver for F.T. Silfies when he fell between the bulk truck and a loading rack. He was working at the surface Evansville cement plant, Lehigh Cement Co. LLC (HeidelbergCement AG).

Octobber 18 - Campbell County, WY - 51 year old Darwin Reimer was an independent truck driver for Dennis McCoy and Sons working at a surface coal mine when the truck went over a high-wall. He was working at Peabody Powder River Mining LLC, North Antelope Rochelle. 

November 10 - Monongalia County, WV - 49 year old Raymond Savage was working at an underground coal mine, Red Bone Mining Co. Crawdad No. 1 Mine as a section foreman when he was hit by falling roof rock while operating a bolting machine. 

November 10 - Floyd County, VA - 45 year old Carl Hixon was a crusher operator who was struck by a flying drill bit as it came unstuck. He was working at the surface crushed-granite operation, R&S Stone Inc. (Terri Reed Smith/Terry Garth Reed). 

November 18 - Calhoun County, TX - 42 year old Jerry McClelland was a job site supervisor who became pinned by the fall of a load suspended from a crane. He was an independent contractor for Turner Industries Group LLC at a surface alumina plant, Alcoa World Alumina LLC, Bayer Alumina Plant. 

November 25 - Pike County, PA - 67 year old James Crane was a truck driver operating a dump truck that went backwards over the edge of a dump site. He was working at the surface crushed-sandstone operation, Edwards Sand & Stone (George F. Edwards, Jr.), South Sterling Quarry.

December 1 - Sandusky County, OH - 46 year old Darwin Glover was an independent contractor for Mark's Excavating & Trucking when his vehicle fell into a mine pond at Millersville Quarry. This was a surface crushed-limestone operation operated by MGQ Aggregates Inc. (Tim E. Bell). 

December 16 - Union County, KY - 34 year old Eli Eldridge was a repairman working at Highland 9 Mine when he was struck by a coal hauler. This is an underground coal mine owned by Highland Mining Co LLC (Patriot Coal Corp.).

December 29 - McMullen County, TX - 21 year old Adrian Moreno was a warehouse bagger who died when his forklift overturned while he worked at a surface clay operation at Zeotech Corp. (O. Paul Leonard, Jr.) Tilden Plant. 



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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

All of us at USMWF hope that 2015 will be a year with less workers lost on the job. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the families who have had to endure the tragedy of losing a loved one on the job. If we can be of support for you or help in any way we can, please do not hesitate to contact us. We all have similar experiences and are here for you.

January 2, 2015 - Lubbock, TX - 23 year old Rudy Trevino was working his regular job at Lowe's Home Improvement store when he was crushed under a pile of falling lumber. Details are not given as to how the lumber came to fall.

January 3 - Gibbstown, PA - 63 year old Gary Grimming of Bethlehem was killed on the job when he was struck by a high pressure air hose that broke. He was using an air compressor to sand blast a tank at the time the hose broke. He was employed by G.C. Zarnes & Co., working at the Paulsboro Refinery in Gibbstown.

January 3 - Longs, SC - 40 year old Bala Gopal Paruchuri of Myrtle Beach was fatally shot during an armed robbery by several suspects as he worked in the Sunhouse Convenience Store in Longs.

January 3 - Renton, WA - Lorenzo Zurita was struck by a motorist as he was crossing the street to start work at his second job. He had finished one shift at Freddy's Club and was heading to work at Dianond Lil's when he was struck by the vehicle. Both establishments are owned by Club Monaco Gaming LLC.

January 3 - Oklahoma City, OK - 28 year old Mark Pittman was one of several men who were injured in an explosion on December 19, 2014 while working for Dan D. Drilling.  Two other men, reported last time, died in the same incident. A fire of unknown origin broke out on the Pablo Energy drilling rig and he has spent these weeks in an Oklahoma hospital until his death due to extensive burns.

January 5 - Arcata, CA - 64 year old Mike Vander Veen was testing and repairing equipment at the Sierra Pacific Industries mill in Arcata when he was fatally electrocuted. His boom lift apparently came into contact with a high voltage line at the mill. He was found unconscious in the basket.

January 6 - Bel Air, MD - 29 year old Erik Steciak died as the result of injuries received while responding to a call. Steciak, a paid paramedic with the Bel Air fire company who was also with West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department of Howard County, was hit by a utility vehicle while trying to reach a patient who had been injured in an earlier accident. Weather is being blamed as a contributing factor for the incident.

January 6 - El Paso, TX - 63 year old Timothy Fjordbak was a psychologist working at the El Paso Veterans Affairs clinic when an angry patient sought him out and shot him before taking his own life. Apparently the gunman has made a threat against the doctor for an unknown reason and the doctor had filed a complaint against the man.

January 6 - Owensboro, KY - 67 year old Richard "Preacher" Thessing of St. Libory, IL was working as a truck driver and was unloading a metal door frame when it fell onto him. It is not clear who he was working for. Thessing was a retired coal miner and semi-retired truck driver who served as the mayor of St. Libory for 28 years.

January 7 - Paterson, NJ - 53 year old Stanley Rollins died on the job when he was struck and killed by his garbage truck. Rollins' co-worker was driving and backed up into him. Both men worked for Gaeta Recycling Co., Inc. 

January 8 - Harlingen, TX - 58 year old Margarito Alvarez was killed on the job when he was pinned by a piece of machinery. He and two other employees were replacing brakes on a backhoe when something went wrong. The backhoe unexpectedly turned on and went into gear, pinning Alvarez and crushing him to death. The men were employees of Harlingen Irrigation District.

January 8 - Bristol Township, PA - After a four day search, 49 year old Anthony Gabriel was found buried under concrete powder after a giant silo collapsed. Gabriele was found near an outside office trailer next to the collapsed silo with the help of employees that work at the site after firefighters sifted through several thousands tons of cement and used heavy equipment to remove steel beams while braving the possibility of falling overhead objects. He was employed by Riverside Cement.

January 9 - Sacramento, CA - 31 year old Ramon Lopez was working near a market with co-workers and were approached by three young men, one of whom had a gun. An argument ensued and Lopez was shot. It is unclear who the men were working for except that it was a recycling center.

January 9 - Marlin, TX - 29 year old LaCharles Edmond died on the job when he was buried under debris from a barn collapse. Edmond and two other men were in the process of tearing down the barn when the structure collapsed. The second worker was hospitalized and the third was not injured. Their employer is not listed.

January 9 - Manhattan, NY - An inidentified mechanic was killed when an elevator three floors above him unexpectedly dropped inside an Upper West Side high-rise apartment building. He may have been working on top of one elevator car when, for an unknown reason, a second car came down crushing him in between. His employer is not known and repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

January 9 - South Toms River, NJ - 54 year old Adrian A. Perez of Lakewood died on the job when he was trapped in a concrete crusher as he was performing maintenance on it. The machine "was running in an idle capacity" but there was a spinning axle on top of the conveyor belt and his clothing became tangled in that piece. He was working for Suffolk County Contractors.

January 9 - Shawnee, KS - 44 year old John Bieker was part owner, with his wife, of She's A Pistol gun store which caters to women gun owners. He was shot to death during a shoot out with four teens who came into the store to rob it. Three of the four suspects were shot and all were apprehended by police.

January 10 - Moscow, ID - A gunman opened fire at three different locations, killing three different people before he was apprehended and arrested by police. After murdering his adoptive mother he went to Northwest Mutual Life Insurance where he shot and killed 76 year old David Trail, who was a businessman for the insurance company. The gunman then walked into a Taco Bell and asked for the manager. When 47 year old Belinda Niebuhr came to the front of the store, the gunman opened fire on her.

January 10 - Columbia County, GA - Patrick Wilson died on the job when he was crushed under a trailer. He was killed after a trailer slipped and crushed him while he was working a job at Evergreen Tank Solutions in Columbia County. That company, as well as the equipment hauling company, W.H. Reeves, where Wilson worked, is being investigated by OSHA.

January 10 - Oakville, WA - Erin Van Brocklin of Centralia was working with a logging crew when he was killed on the job. He was getting ready to notch a stump when a log above him rolled down, pinning him between two logs. He was employed by B&M Logging Inc.

January 11 - Las Vegas, NV - 46 year old Daniel Wynn Smith died on the job after being suffocated under palm fronds as he was trimming a palm tree. It is not clear who he was employed by. 

January 11 - Wichita Falls, TX - 53 year old Mark Mere and 72 year old Peggye McNair were both killed on the job when they were trampled by camels. Mere was inside a pen with one male and two females camels when the male charged him. As he attempted to get out, McNair attempted to close the gate the male came after them, trampling them. McNair was the owner of Camel Kisses Farm and Mere worked for her.

January 11 - Carlin, NV - 53 year old Brian L. Homer was a 35 year veteran of the mining industry. He died in an accident in a vent shaft at Newmont Mining Corp.'s Leeville mine north of Carlin. He was an employee for Cementation USA Inc.

January 11 - Reno, NV - An unidentified construction worker was struck and killed by a construction loader machine. He was wearing a reflective safety vest. Attempts to locate his name or employer has been unsuccessful.

January 12 - Edwardsville, IL - 31 year old Justin D. Jokerst of Perryville, MO was killed on the job at a construction site. He was working on or near a large crane when he was crushed under the weight of the crane’s boom. Details are not known. He was employed by Taylor Excavators, a subcontractor for Brinkman Constructors.

January 13 - Tate, GA - 28 year old Kevin Voyles was killed on the job when he was crushed under materials from his job at Georgia Marble.  He was working on a machine when about 7,000 pounds of marble fell on top of him.

January 14 - South Los Angeles, CA - 29 year old Andrew "Andy" Ung was working in his family's doughnut shop when a man came in to buy a doughnut. But then the man tried to rob the store and used a knife to stab Ung, who later died. The suspect in Ung's murder has been arrested.

January 14 - Gulfport, MS - 55 year old Craig Mathis died on the job when his work truck slid off the roadway, slamming into a telephone pole. He was an employee for AT&T.

January 14 - Odessa, TX - 53 year old Christopher Davis and 45 year old Eligio Garcia were killed on the job when the prison bus they were on crashed. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice transport bus carrying prisoners from a unit in Abilene to El Paso's Sanchez Unit when the transport bus hit an icy patch on the roadway, went off a bridge and landed on the railway striking a moving train. Eight prisoners also died and five others, including another corrections officer, survived.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

This post highlights workers who died on the job in December 2014.  Our thoughts are with the families as we know this time of year is particularly difficult.

December 16, 2014 - Hoquiam, WA - 56 year old David James Dupont of Tahuya was killed on the job when he was struck by the top of a tree that was felled. He was the owner of Double D Logging Co., Inc.  Details of the incident are not available.

December 16 - Sturgis, KY - 34 year old Eli Eldridge died on the job after he was struck by a vehicle shuttling coal to the feeder of an underground belt line at Patriot Coal's Highland No. 9 mine.

December 16 - West Monroe, LA - 30 year old Michael Roberts was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist. A construction pickup that was equipped with a large arrow board was stopped in the north bound outside highway lane. A motorist was traveling in the outside lane and attempted to move into the inside lane but struck the rear of the construction vehicle and three construction workers. It is unclear who he was employed with.

December 19 - Lynnville, IN - R.V. "Rocky" Schmidt died of suffocation after being buried in grain. Authorities say that Schmidt was likely shoveling grain when apparently it gave way. He did have a safety rope on him at the time. Schmidt owned the farm.

December 19 - Coalgate, OK - 26 year old Gary Keehan of Ada and 27 year old Kelsey Bellah of Tulsa were working on an oil rig near Coalgate when a fire broke out causing an explosion, causing their death. A third worker was critically injured. They were employees for Dan D Drilling for Pablo Energy.  

December 20 - New York City, NY - 40 year old Rafael Ramos and 32 year old Wenjian Liu, both officers for the New York Police Department were shot to death during an ambush as they sat in their police cruiser. The gunman was known to have made anti-police statements.

December 20 - Lynden, WA - Rueben Zimmermann was performing his regular duties, bagging customer's groceries at Safeway Store #1930, when he reported not feeling well.  While resting he slumped over and it was determined he died of a heart attack.

December 21 - Snoqualmie Pass, WA - Robert Benson was a long haul truck driver from Colorado who was on a "run" and suffered a heart attack, crashing the truck on Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass.

December 23 - Everett, WA - Michael Petro was an engineer for The Boeing Company and was performing normal office related duties. He was found unresponsive on the floor of a restroom and paramedics were unable to revive him. He died of natural causes.

December 23 - Woodmere, NY - 43 year old Joseph Sanford, Jr. was a member of Inwood (Long Island) Fire Department when he died four days after battling a house fire in where he fell through the floor into the basement and suffered a heart attack. Officials said Sanford was one of the first on the scene after the initial 911 call. It is unclear if other firefighters even knew he was inside, as his lifeless body was found accidentally by other firefighters making their way through the house.

December 24 - Orlando, FL - 52 year old Robert Belvoir died on the job after falling 30 feet after a harness apparently slipped at an elevated ropes course.  He had just gotten hooked up to the Sky Trail ropes course but a piece of the equipment was not properly secured and he fell, while still wearing the harness. He was employed by Jim Liggitt dba Sky Trails attraction.

December 26 - Las Vegas, NV - 58 year old Antonino Isnit was working his regular shift for Walgreen's when an armed man entered the store to rob it. The gunman took Isnit and a coworker to the part of the store with the safe and it was there that he was shot. It turns out, the gunman had previously worked with Isnit and he may have recognized the robber.  

December 26 - Wilmington, DE - 42 year old Jose Luis Garcia Hernandez of Newark, was killed on the job when he was struck by a crawler tractor. He was standing behind the large machine that was driven by a co-worker to move trash into a large pile. It was then that Hernandez was struck by the machine. He was employed by Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington. 

December 28 - West Palm Beach, FL - Robert Hoffstetter was a corner marshal for the Palm Beach International Raceway when he was struck by an unmanned motorcycle at the Florida Track Days event. A motorcyclist said that during the race, his bike’s throttle got stuck in the open position, preventing him from being able to stop as he approached a turn in the track. He tried to apply the brakes but couldn’t stop so he jumped off the motorcycle into a grass area. The motorcycle continued down the track and struck Hoffstetter.

December 29 - Wenachee, WA - 34 year old Andrea Carlos Johnson was killed on the job when he was struck by a piece of equipment. He was a mechanic for Stemilt Growers LLC and was changing a hydraulic cylinder on a bin destacker. When he disconnected the hydraulic line, the 600 plus pound destacking mechanism came down on top of his upper body, crushing him.

December 29 - Vienna, VA - 45 year old Hicham "AJ" Najdi was killed instantly after being struck by a motorist along an Interstate. He was a tow truck driver for Fairfax Towing and was prepping a disabled vehicle on to his tow truck. The driver of an on-coming box truck crossed into the shoulder where Najdi was working, hitting him.

December 29 - Staten Island, NY - 62 year old Thomas Choi was struck by a motorist on the Verrazano Bridge in October of 2013. The MTA Bridges and Tunnels employee was struck by a car as he worked to reopen the Brooklyn-bound, lower-level roadway of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Oct. 20. He never emerged from a coma.

December 30 - Avalon, CA - 39 year old Timothy Mitchell was a Harbor Patrol Officer on Santa Catalina Island when strong winds and rough waves began to batter boats in the harbor. He is being called a hero for attempting to save a boat from damage. During the night storm, Mitchell was aboard the King Neptune as it was about to run aground at Avalon Harbor. He tried to jump ashore but didn't make it. Two other officers tried to rescue him, but Mitchell became pinned between the boat and the harbor rocks and was killed.

December 30 - Claycomo, MO - An unidentified employed for KCI, Inc. was killed on the job as he worked on renovations to the Ford Kansas City Assembly plant. He was a millwright who worked on machinery and was crushed while working on the job.

December 30 - Sedro Woolley, WA - Richard Rector of Buckley died on the job after being struck by his logging truck. He reported having trouble with the truck's brakes and stopped the loaded log truck on a hill to fix the problem. It is not clear why but the truck started moving down the hill and he was struck by it. He was employed by Tony Van Hoof Trucking LLC. 

December 31 - Grand Terrace, CA - 48 year old Richard Williamson of Riverside was the owner of Bill Will's Security Services and was working a New Year's Eve party when he was shot to death.  He died confronting a gunman firing at a crowd outside the Cal Skate, Southern California roller rink. Two other security guards were injured. Williamson's actions saved many kids and family's lives that night.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Today's Weekly Toll will focus on those workers we lost in May, 2014, that we were previously not aware of (continuing from an earlier post). We are grateful to partners who appreciate our goal of honoring all workers that have lost their lives on the job and sharing information with us. As always, we include all the links we are able to find for further information.
Our hearts and thoughts are with these families.

May 16, 2014 - Oakdale, NY - 26 year old Christopher Conklin died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for Optimum.

May 16 - Clewiston, FL - 54 year old Lester Singletary was killed on the job after he was struck by an unknown object while working for Cliff's Trucking, Inc.

May 17 - Austin, TX - 24 year old Manuel Gonzales was working for Axiom Services, LLC when he died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation.

May 19 - Chicago Heights, IL - 33 year old Kevin Bewley of Homewood suffered severe head trauma after being struck in the head by a bundle of steel tubing he was attempting to move. He was working at PTC Alliance for Mid-West Manufacturing, LLC.

May 19 - Saginaw, TX - 67 year old Jack Wilson died on the job after being struck by an unknown object while working for Norco Corporation.

May 20 - Versailles, OH - 37 year old Allyson Mescher was working for Codino's Limited, Inc., a pasta making company, when she became trapped in a piece of machinery. 

May 20 - Mounds, IL - 27 year old Antonio L. Pratt died of a cardiac event while working for Environmental Remediation & Recovery.

May 20 - Decatur, TX - 67 year old Jack Wilson of McGregor died from injuries he suffered at work when he was involved in a forklift incident. He was pinned between two machines. He was employed by Landmark Fabrication.

May 21 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 67 year old William Slaugenhaupt was killed on the job when he fell from an unknown elevation, suffering head trauma. He was employed by Charland Construction, Inc.

May 22 - Washington, DC - 71 year old Walter Fitzgerald was killed on the job after being struck by an unknown object while working for Contact Construction, LLC.

May 22 - Stillwater, OK - 22 year old Cindy Long was working for Quapaw Co. when she died after falling from an unknown elevation.

May 23 - Chicago, IL - 35 year old David Vargas was killed on the after he was struck in the head by an unknown object. He was employed by International Erectors, Inc.

May 24 - Harlingen, TX - 35 year old Carlos Juan Reyes of Brownsville died on the job after falling from a platform. He was employed by Angel's AAA Electric, LLC.

May 27 - Chicago, IL - 31 year old Nathan Cottrell of Mount Prospect was killed on the job after he was struck in the head by an unknown object. He was employed by Alpha Baking Co., Inc.

May 28 - Gonzales, LA - 56 year old Danny Deville of Melville died on the job when he drowned during a flooding incident. He was leaving work as directed due to rising flood waters and was later found underneath his truck by his supervisor who noticed his truck still in the parking lot. It is presumed that he fell and possibly struck his head on the ground. He was employed by Pax, Inc.

May 28 - Philadelphia, PA - 31 year old Jose Santiago Vasquez Acevedo was killed on the job when he suffered an electric shock while working for Espana Brothers Corporation.

May 30 - Pontotoc, MS - 50 year old Bobby Williams of Blue Springs, MO was killed on the job as he was working at Three Rivers Landfill. A tractor trailer semi backed into him. He was employed by Waste Management of North Mississippi.

May 30 - Wichita, KS - 41 year old Joshua Loux was killed on the job when he was caught in or between a freight elevator as he worked on a construction site. He was an employee for Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors for General Contractor Key Construction.

May 30 - Jacksonville, FL - 26 year old Jose Mendoza-Lopez died on the job when he fell from an unknown elevation while working for IMC Steel Construction, Inc.

May 30 - Gainesville, FL - 39 year old Eric Gillum was working from an elevated bucket truck when the arm of the bucket suddenly collapsed. The bucket fell onto the cab of the truck, which caused Gillum to be thrown onto the sidewalk below. He was an employee for Advance Tree Service.

June 1, 2014 - Stanton, TX - 48 year old Johnny Plasentillo of Midland was working at a West Texas Gas Compressor Station when he was discovered unconscious next to a spewing natural gas line. He was a gas plant operator for J.L. Davis Company.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

It is never easy to deal with a work related death of a loved one, but especially in the time of holiday's. Our thoughts are with all of the families of these workers.

December 1, 2014 - Baltimore, MD - An unidentified worker for Hi-Way Paving was working at the BWI Airport when he was struck by a concrete paving machine.  Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

December 1 - Quincy, WA - Caesar Salazar was driving a work vehicle hauling a Genie lift when he lost control on an icy road. He attempted to jump out but was pinned under the vehicle. He was employed by WM Construction, Inc.

December 1 - Fountain City, WI - 21 year old Brooke Baures was found dead inside a food elevator/dumbwaiter inside the restaurant she worked at by a co-worker. Details are not clear as to how or why she was in the elevator. She was employed by WingDam Saloon & Grill.

December 2 - Ocean Isle Beach, NC - 46 year old Jose Morales of Calabash died of drowning after the vehicle he was driving went into water.  He was driving the maintenance equipment at Tiger's Eye Golf Course but it is not clear why he ended up in the water.

December 2 - Bloomfield, MO - 54 year old Kenneth Wayne Hurley died on the job when he was buried by grain in a bin. He was inside the grain bin running a vacuum when the grain beneath him collapsed and he became buried. He was working at a farm near Idalia owned by Gilbert Gilooly.

December 4 - North Coventry, PA - 60 year old Lee A. Boyer of Liberty was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist while setting up construction cones while working for J.D. Eckman, Inc. of Atglen, PA.

December 4 - Michigan's Thumb, MI - 21 year old Jonathan C. Hayden of Kalkaska was a road construction worker and flagman who was standing near a flashing arrow sign trailer when he was struck by a motorist. He died later at a hospital. The name of his employer is not known.

December 6 - Houston, TX - An unidentified employee was fatally electrocuted in unknown circumstances while working for Center Point Energy. Attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

December 6 - Shreveport, LA - 23 year old Se'Destini Fields was a campaign worker for Mary Landrieu. She was out and about reaching out to people on behalf of Landrieu when a driver veered off the roadway, striking her. The person driving the truck was apprehended but no charges as of this writing.

December 7 - Everett, WA - Kenneth Otto was injured on November 13th when he was struck by an airbag inflater. He was a technician for Jamco America, a Boeing supplier, and was installing a passenger seat airbag inflater when it suddenly discharged, striking him violently in the face.

December 8 - Henderson, NV - 42 year old Scott Greenfield was killed on the job after he was struck by a piece of machinery. He was struck in the head by a falling injection machine carrier while working for Berry Plastics.

December 9 - Philadelphia, PA - Joyce Craig Lewis died on the job while fighting a house fire. She was a firefighter for the Philadelphia Fire Department when she died after being trapped in the basement of a burning row house.

December 9 - Savannah, TN - Gus Losleben was driving a tanker truck carrying 2,000 pounds of water when it crossed the center divide hitting a log truck head on.  He was an employee for Hardin County Fire Department.

December 9 - Savannah, TN - 30 year old Christopher Durham of Booneville, MS was driving a log truck for an unknown company when a fire department tanker truck driver crossed the center divide, crashing into his truck head on.

December 9 - Cottage Grove, OR - 31 year old Justin Craig Simons was killed on the job when he was pinned by a piece of machinery while working for Weyerhaeuser Mill in Cottage Grove.

December 10 - Honolulu, HI - 42 year old Joefrey Andrada and 30 year old Justin Saragosa were working in Pearl Harbor on a barge using a crane to replace a 10,000 pound buoy when when it fell. The men were not able to get out of the way fast enough. Both were employed by Healy Tibbitts Builders.

December 11 - Dallas, TX - 36 year old Oscar Esparza-Roma, 43 year old Leroy Carriloo-Solorzano and his uncle, 60 year old Nicacio Carrillo-Martinez were all working in the basement of Thanksgiving Tower in Dallas. They were cleaning four water tanks in the basement and were using a torch to cut rusted and corroded parts from a 30-foot-deep tank when it caught fire. They were discovered dead of smoke inhalation after the fire was extinguished. All worked for Best Mechanical, Inc.

December 13 - Fort Worth, TX - Eric Kent Peterson was a clerk for the Military Gun Store when a man entered the business and shot him. It is unclear why he was shot. The business is a gun supply store.

December 15 - Memphis, TN - 35 year old Jason Webb was injured on November 25th during an explosion and fire while working to fix a gas leak in a residential area but died of his injuries. He was an employee for Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW).

December 16 - Escorse, MI - 32 year old Antonino Palazzolo of Rockwood was killed on the job during a blast at US Steel's Great Lakes Works in Escourse. A malfunction caused a spill of molten steel, which then melted into snow causing a flash freeze and explosion. When the steel exploded, the building was hit with a barrage of shrapnel.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

This post included workers who died on their jobs during the first half of May, 2014 who we were previously not aware of. All workers deserve to be remembered regardless of when they were taken from their families. Where possible, we have added a link to the online incident article.

May 1, 2014 - Makawao, HI - 29 year old Patricia Rabellizsa of Kihei was killed on the job when she fell from a zip line while working for Piiholo Ranch Zipline.

May 2 - Robesonia, PA - 30 year old Benjamin Joe Mast died on the job after being caught in or between an unknown object while working for Z-Weldco, Inc. and Reading Alloys, Inc.

May 2 - Hoover, AL - 59 year old Randy Keith Berry of Cullman was part of a construction crew on an AL DOT repaving project on Interstate 459 when he was struck by a motorist. He was employed by M and W Logistics.

May 2 - Keller, TX - 57 year old Roberto Lariz-Trinidad of Fort Worth was part of a landscaping crew working an apartment complex when he was struck by a truck that was backing up and apparently did not see him. He was employed by F&S Concrete.

May 2 - Rockaway Beach, NY - 65 year old Juan Rodriguez was working for Bryan's Auto East Ltd when he fell from an unknown elevation causing fractures.

May 3 - Buhl, ID - 51 year old Ayala Rigoberto was killed on the job when he was caught in or between an unknown object while working for Eagle View Farms LLC.

May 4 - Port Angeles, WA - 24 year old Samuel Silverstein was a commercial 'geoduck' harvester and was diving for the mollusks when his diving partner found him unconscious in about 50 feet of water. He was transported to hospital but died there. He was employed by Furthur Diving Co.

May 5 - Ursina, PA - 31 year old Jared Ritchey was working to install a concrete manhole form for the city's first ever sewer system when he was pinned beneath the form. He was working for Guyer Brothers, Inc. 

May 5 - Wrightstown, NJ - Marc Cooper was working for Bristol Protective Services when he died in unknown circumstances from inhaling a toxic substance. No further information can be found.

May 5 - Marmarth, ND - 48 year old Darwin Maxwell was working in Marmarth for Continental Resources, Inc and 4J Well Services, Inc. when he died of a heart attack. Circumstances are not known.

May 6 - Ardmore, OK - 31 year old Christopher Cryer died on the job after falling from the roof of an Ardmore plant he was working at. He suffered major head trauma in the fall. He was employed by Atlas Roofing Corporation.

May 6 - Elkhart Lake, WI - 55 year old Jay Brandt was working for Bremer Manufacturing Co. when he died of a sudden cardiac event.

May 7 - Cape Girardeau, MO - 67 year old Sandra K. Christy was working for Regions Bank when she died from a same level fall in unknown circumstances.

May 7 - McCool Junction, NE - 73 year old Marvin Roesti was injured on May 7 when he fell while loading a tanker truck at the Farmers Cooperative McCool Junction fertilizer plant. He was working from a height without fall protection. 

May 8 - Mobile, AL - 25 year old David Sells died on the job after being struck by an unknown object while working for Infirmary Health System, Inc.

May 10 - Houston, TX - 61 year old Gabriel Garcia was a longshoreman was helping to load a piece of equipment at a terminal facility when it became disconnected from the traverse that was holding it. The cargo dropped, landing on and severing Garcia's legs. He was an employee for Gulf Stream Marine.  

May 10 - Countyline, OK - 50 year old Robert Dulworth of Duncan was killed on the job when he was crushed under his work truck. He stopped to exit his truck but did not completely set the brake. As the truck began to roll, he tried to stop it but fell and was run over. He was employed by Citation Oil & Gas Corp.

May 11 - El Paso, TX - 39 year old James E. Green of Runaway Bay and 54 year old Jimmy Joe Broadstreet of Chaparral were Crane Service, Inc. contract workers for Texas DOT when they were both struck by a motorist on Interstate 10. Green died on the job and Broadstreet later at a nearby hospital. 

May 11 - Toughkenamon, PA - 64 year old Duane Allen Canipe of Landenberg died on the job after falling from an unknown height, suffering head trauma, in an unknown incident. He was employed by Roman Urethane Corp.

May 12 - McDonough, GA - 41 year old Adonis Javier Maldonado died on the job after falling from an unknown elevation while working for Elite Storage Equipment Erectors, Inc.

May 13 - Mountain Brook, AL - 19 year old Trayshawn Presha of Sarasota, FL was working with a group of movers using a dolly to move a safe into a residence in Mountain Brook when he was crushed by it. The ramp they were using was not long enough so they added a second unsecured ramp extension which slipped, causing the safe to fall. Presha was unable to get out of its way. The workers were employed by Daniel Tatum, a professional van operator for Atlas Van Lines.

May 14 - Caddo, TX - 33 year old Jacob Jackson was killed on the job after he was caught in or between an unknown object. He was employed by Rob Joe Materials, LLC.

May 14 - Washington, DC - 34 year old Christopher Bartholomew died on the job from an electric shock in an unknown incident while employed with Arrow Electrical Solutions, LLC.

May 15 - Newfield, NY - 60 year old Grover Lehman was working for Jim Ray Homes, Inc. when he was killed on the job. He and co-workers were preparing a mobile home to be moved and had it on jacks. They did not, however, have temporary support blocking and when the unit shifted, Lehman was struck in the head. 

May 15 - North Venice, FL - 35 year old Carlos Ochoa died on the job after falling from an unknown height while working for All Steel Consultants, Inc.

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