Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

USMWF is a community of people who have experienced the loss of a loved one at work. We understand the pain and grief this type of loss is about. We are here to help in any way we can.

May 5, 2015 - New Haven, CT - 61 year old Arthur Hilario Jr. of New Milford was working on road construction in New Haven as a crane operator. A long time employee for O & G Industries, and a member of Local Union 478, died after he fell from the crane he was operating. He died at an area hospital of head trauma.

May 5, 2015 - Bothell, WA - 53 year old Kevin Iverson of Ravensdale was sitting at his desk at Lockheed Martin Aculight Corp. in Bothell when he suffered a fatal heart attack. His death is ruled natural causes.

May 5, 2015 - Morgantown, WV - 34 year old Douglas Michael Peterman of Fairmont  was working in a bucket truck when he came into contact with a wire and he was electrocuted. He was an employee for Westside Communications.

May 6, 2015 - Zion Crossroads, VA - 46 year old Sean Marcos Lucas of Palmyra was working to fill his tractor trailer full of the tiny wood particles when he stopped and got back into his truck thinking all of the sawdust had come down, but it had not. A spokesman said a large amount of sawdust suddenly started falling after Lucas got back into his truck. He then got out of the cab of his truck to try to escape, but the sawdust fell too fast. He was an employee for Chips, Inc. Sawmill.

May 7, 2015 - Spokane, WA - 64 year old Richard Runyon (left) of Cheney and 60 year old Lyndon Amestoy (right) of Spokane were both experienced pilots were performing a late afternoon text flight when something went wrong and the plane went down into the Spokane River above the Upriver Dam. Runyon was the owner and manager of the Flying R Ranch Airport in Cheney and Amestoy was employed by Rocket Engineering Corp. Runyon may have worked for Rocket Engineering as well.

May 8, 2015 - Chicago, IL - 52 year old Michael Yates of Carol Stream was a baggage handler for Southwest Airlines working at Midway International Airport when the luggage hauler he was operating collided with another luggage hauler, causing him to be ejected from the vehicle. He died after being taken to an area hospital.

May 10, 2015 - Hattiesburg, MS - 34 year old K9 Officer Benjamin J. "BJ" Deen (left) and 25 year old Officer Liquori Tate were part of the Hattiesburg Police Department. They were on a routine traffic stop when they were shot to death those being stopped. Three suspects were arrested and charged in the murders of Deen and Tate. 

May 11, 2015 - Ypsilanti, MI - 38 year old Jeremy W. Burd of Maybee was a construction worker at the Ypsilanti Thompson Block on a building that was being renovated. He and three others were working in the basement when an upper floor gave way and crashed down onto them. The other workers escaped. Thompson Block was owned by Thompson Block Partners but it is not known who his employer was.

May 11, 2015 - Louisville, KY - 26 year old Christopher Cook was working on the paint line at Cardinal Aluminum, Okolona, Plant when he was killed on the job. Authorities say he was reaching for a piece of equipment when something went terribly wrong but did not give a specific cause of death except to say blunt force trauma.

May 11, 2015 - Glen Ellen, CA - 23 year old Cody McBride of Santa Rosa was operating an excavator at a home in Glen Ellen for construction of a swimming pool when he tried to escape from an excavator as it was tipping over. He tried to jump outside of the machine but suffered fatal injuries. He was employed with A Plus Pool & Spa. 

May 12, 2015 - Rostraver, IN - 34 year old Drew James Molinari of Belle Vernon was the victim of a targeted shooting at his place of employment.  He was a sales clerk at Minniti Motor Sports auto store when a gunman walked into the store and shot Molinari several times. At this time, police are still looking for the gunman and trying to discern a motive for the murder.

May 13, 2015 - Cle Elum, WA - 34 year old Scott Lee Rhodes was working in Cle Elum for KJR Trucking when he tripped while walking beside heavy equipment and was run over by the tracks of the machine while it was backing up. No further information was found.

May 15, 2015 - Tacoma, WA - 68 year old Bernard Cordova of Roy, WA was the owner and dispatcher for BLC Trucking, Inc. He was found unresponsive by others. It was determined he died of natural causes due to heart disease.

May 15, 2015 - Clarksville, AR - 42 year old Reserve Officer Sonny Smith died in the line of duty as he and other sheriff’s deputies were searching for a burglary suspect. As deputies were searching an area outside of Clarksville, Smith confronted an individual who shot him. The deputy was taken to an area hospital where he died. The suspect was arrested. Smith was an 11 year veteran for the Johnson County Sheriff Department.

May 20, 2015 - Omaha, NE - 29 year old Kerrie Orozco was a 7 year veteran of the Omaha Police Department, and scheduled to take a late maternity leave a day after she was gunned down in the line of duty. Orozco went to help officers who went to serve a felony arrest warrant on a convicted felon and known gang member. Gunfire erupted just before she arrived and in a second round of shots she was just above her protective vest. The suspect was killed in the exchange with police.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our condolences, thoughts and hearts are with the family members who have had to endure the loss of a loved one due to a workplace incident. We are here to help. Please reach out to us.

April 17, 2015 - 63 year old Tony Mageo was just starting his shift at Vaupell Industrial Plastics when he started to show symptoms of a heart attack. Emergency medical services were called but not able to revive him.

April 18, 2015 - Ecorse, MI - 41 year old Heather D. Warren of Inkster was directing a tractor trailer semi, helping guide it into a bay when she was struck and killed by the trailer of the truck. It is being reported that the truck driver has been charged with her death. She was an employee for US Steel in Ecorse.

April 27, 2015 - Austin, TX - 46 year old Kristen McLane was with a medical helicopter crew attempting to rescue a woman from a hiking trail when something went horribly wrong. As she was suspended from the helicopter helping the woman into it when she fell from her hoist. She was a member of the Travis County Star Flight team.

April 30, 2015 - Forreston, IL - 20 year old James C. Campbell of Prestonburg, KY was working on the Canadian Pacific Railroad in Illinois. As he was using an ATV, a large magnetic boom struck the top of the vehicle and pushed it onto its side. Officials said the boom spun out of control as it was being used to lift metal railroad spikes.He was an employee for the R.J. Corman Railroad Group of Nicholasville, Ky.

April 30, 2015 - Des Peres, MO - A 53 year old unidentified man from St. Ann, MO was killed on the job as he was parking a four-wheel hydraulic basket lift in a mall parking garage. He was pinned between the rail of the basket, from where he was operating the machine, and a low steel girder overhang in the ceiling. It is not known who he worked for and repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.  

May 2, 2015 - West Chester, OH - 24 year old Amber Marie Rooks of Norwood was working with a crew when she was struck along with four others who were injured when a motorist, alleged to be an impaired and texting driver. They were struck approximately April 21st. Her employer, Area Wide Protective (AWP) and Bowling Energy Services, were contracted by Duke Energy to do the work ongoing that day on Cox Road.


May 3, 2015 - Shelby County, IN - 30 year old Melinda Thompson of Spiceland was driving her United States Postal Service delivery vehicle making deliveries when it appears she went off the roadway and her vehicle flipped over.  

 May 4, 2015 - Queens, NY - 25 year old Brian Moore was a New York Police officer was shot in the head by a man with an extensive criminal record on May 2nd as he sat in his patrol car. The officer was shot as he and his partner pulled up to question 35-year-old identified suspect.

May 4, 2015 - Skokie, IL - 68 year old Robert Leburkien of Mount Pleasant was working at an apartment complex when he fell seven stories from the roof of the building. He was taken to a local hospital where he died.

May 4, 2015 - Franklin, NJ - 43 year old Selvin Antulio Lopez-Castillo of Plainfield  was running a drainage line around the foundation of a home being built in Franklin County when the eight foot trench he was in collapsed around him. He was an employee for Adonai Contracting LLC of Plainfield.

May 5, 2015 - Hell's Kitchen, NY - 25 year old Christian Gisci of Jersey City was working on an unfinished elevator shaft at a luxury hotel in Hell's Kitchen when he fell 25 stories down the shaft and landed in the basement of the building. He was rushed to an area hospital where he died of his injuries. He was an employee for G-Tech Associates Elevator Company.

May 5, 2015 - Detroit, MI - 53 year old Donald Megge of Sterling Heights,  a millwright and wastewater operator at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant died in an incident shortly after starting his morning shift. He was performing regular preventive maintenance and was discovered by another. It is not clear how or the circumstances of his death but some reports state he was crushed in machinery.

May 5, 2015 - Coeur D'Alene, ID - Sgt. Greg Moore, a 16 year veteran of the Coeur D'Alene Police Department, was shot to death while sitting in his car. He was out doing routine random patrols in an area that have experienced some auto burglaries when he was ambushed by a man who, after shooting him, stole his patrol vehicle. The suspect was later captured and charged in the officer's murder.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and condolences are with all families who have suffered the loss of a loved one at work. If we can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to ask. If you notice an error in any information, please let us know. We strive to find the best article to link in our post.

April 1, 2015 - Brighton Beach, NY - 50 year old Vidal Sanchez-Roman of Brooklyn was killed on the job when he fell six stories from a scaffold on a construction site. We were not able to determine who he was employed by.

April 1 - Warwick, NY - 38 year old Tonny Teskera was working with a crew at Hickory Hills Golf Course on a tree clearing project when he was struck and killed by a fallen tree. He was rushed to a rear by hospital where he died. He was an employee for Orange County Parks and Recreation.

April 1 - Richmond, VA - 54 year old Kevin Lee Eskew of Williamsburg was killed on the job when he was struck by a train in the CSX Acca Yard near Richmond. Circumstances for the incident are not known. He was an employee for CSX Railway Corp. 

April 2 - Clermont, FL - An elderly driver attempting to make a turn, pulled into the path of another driver who ran off the road way and struck three Service Electric Company utility workers, killing all three.  The following workers were from different cities working in Clermont:  

35 year old Jeremy Scott Bradshaw was from Albany (photo not found)


34 year old Dewey Summerlin was from Franklin

40 year old Jeffrey Estes resided in Ringgold.

April 2 - Argyle, TX - 36 year old Julio Ledesma of Fort Worth died on the job as the result of a structure collapse. He was working on the frame of the new Argyle High School athletic center when it collapsed under him. He was employed by Warnick Metal Building Erectors.

April 3 - Wintersville, OH - 25 year old Nick Desarro of Wellsville was operating a forklift at a Walmart Distribution Center when he fell from the forklift. Authorities say was standing up in the forklift when he fell onto boxes with his feet were still inside the forklift. The sheriff said there was a small puddle of blood inside the forklift, leading them to suspect that maybe Desarro had suffered a medical issue. He was taken to an area hospital where he died of his injuries.

April 6 - Manhattan, NY - An unidentified 22 year old construction worker died on the job when he was buried in a trench collapse. He was working in a hole at the Meatpacking District construction site when the dirt gave way and collapsed in on him, police said. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

April 6 - Culpeper, VA - 27 year old Sonny L. Streightiff of Orange was working with a crew for an unknown employer to clear trees on a piece of property. As he was cutting a tree, one of the limbs broke off and fell onto Streightiff. 

April 7 - Argyle, TX - 22 year old Daniel Moran of Haslet was working on the construction site for the Argyle High School when he was killed on the job. Moran was guiding a tractor trailer semi truck from behind it when he somehow got caught by the back right tires of the last trailer. It is not clear who Moran's employer was but Northstar Builders Group suspended work since Moran was the second worker killed in a week on the job site.

April 10 - Fall Creek, WI - 29 year old Dustin John Keith of Altoona was a public works employee for the Village of Fall Creek when he was killed on the job. He was operating a lawn tractor equipped with a brush on the front for clearing snow when he was struck by a Union Pacific train. The bike/walking path he was clearing crossed paths with the railroad tracks. 

April 11 - Schuyler, NE - 26 year old Craig Allen Anderson of Columbus was killed on the job of a construction site south of Schuyler. Anderson was driving a payloader while attempting to free a cement truck that had become stuck by pulling the vehicle with a chain. The chain snapped and struck Anderson. He was employed by Gehring Construction and Ready Mix.

April 11 - Mattawa, WA - 57 year old Daniel Martinez Cortez died on the job when a tractor he was operating overturned. He was pulling an empty sprayer when he apparently over corrected after going off the side of the road, causing the tractor to overturn. He was employed by Evans Fruit Company, Inc.

April 12 - Seattle, WA - Pedro Lopez was injured on March 31 when he fell 19 feet to the ground when he unhooked from his fall protection system.  Exact circumstances are not known but he died on April 12 after being hospitalized. He was an employee for Key Real Estate Services LLC. 

April 13 - Orlando, FL - 36 year old Gary Terry of Davenport was a professional driving instructor and senior operations manager at the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World. He was the passenger in a Lamborghini with a man who was celebrating his birthday with a driving experience when the driver failed to maneuver the high-powered vehicle through the course and the sports car's passenger side struck the guardrail. Terry was employed by Petty Holdings who operates the Exotic Driving Experience.

April 13 - Goldsboro, NC - 44 year old Ronald Dwight Lane had just arrived at work at Wayne Community College when he was sought out for a targeted attack by another man who shot him. Lane was the Print Shop supervisor at the college. The man targeted Lane was arrested and has been charged with murder.

April 15 - Elk Grove Village, IL - 50 year old Wayne Follman of Lake in the Hills was killed on the job after he was caught in a piece of machinery while working at Acme Industries plant. He somehow because caught in a power lathe, used to shape wood or metal products.

April 15 - Petaluma, CA - 28 year old Jared Overfield of Novato worked as a pipe layer for the San Rafael based Maggiora & Ghilotti Construction. He was on a construction job along Highway 101 when he was crushed by a giant rolling metal pipe. Just prior, a forklift operator set down a large metal pipe sealed in concrete but the pipe broke loose and started heading towards the highway. Overfield reacted and tried to stop the rolling pipe, but was crushed in the process, according to investigators.  (video photo in link)

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

We are deeply saddened for the families who must endure the loss of a dear loved one because of a work related incident. We purpose to never forget. Please visit us at or

February 3, 2015 - Kent, WA - 49 year old Peter Ploeger of Cle Elum lost his battle for life after being injured on January 12, 2015 while working for Hermanson Company, LLP.  He fell from a step ladder onto an electrical junction box which caused damage to his leg requiring surgery. Unfortunately he died from complications from the surgery.

March 6 - Wenatchee, WA - Sergio Nuno Camacho was doing his normal job of driving a Stemilt Growners company vehicle to bring trees back from a nursery when he pulled to the side of the road and called for help. Emergency workers were unable to revive him and he died of a heart attack.

March 9 - Tacoma, WA - 52 year old Randal Simmons suffered a medical event as he was helping to load a work van for a painting job. He was transported to an area hospital where he died of a stroke. He was an employee for Saxon Painting Company at the time of his death.

March 16 - McClure, VA - 34 year old David Brummitte of Pound was a certified workplace examiner for Alpha Natural Resources Deep Mine 41near McClure when he died on the job after being struck by rock "sluffing off the mine wall". 

March 17 - Everett, WA - David Whipkey was an office worker for The Boeing Company when he collapsed at his desk on February 25th.  He was transported to an area hospital where he passed away.

March 18 - Omaha, NE - 18 year old Michael Petersen was a collection driver for Abe's Trash when he was killed on the job. He stepped from the drivers seat and was struck by a motorist.

March 18 - Port Angeles, WA - 49 year old Anthony Commeree of Sequim died of a medical event while working on a boat, working in an equipment room. He was found slumped against a beam and unconscious by a co-worker and was not able to be revived. He was an employee for Westport LLC, a boat building company, at the time of his death.

March 19 - Tolland, CT - 50 year old David L. Ridzon of Willington was working to fill pot holes in a road when a town dump truck backed into him. He was transported to an area hospital where he died. Ridzon was an employee for the City of Tolland Public Works Dept.

March 23 - Goldsboro, NC - 35 year old William Grey Bailey of Kenly was a North Carolina Dept. of Transportation employee who was working along a roadway in the median when he was struck and killed by an impaired motorist. The motorist has been arrested.

March 23 - Lebanon, CT - 54 year old Donald Merchant of South Windham was using equipment to move corn from a large mound at the Square A Farm in Lebanon. When he got off the equipment, some of it toppled onto him. Other farm workers dug him out but he was unresponsive.

Raleigh, NC - 41 year old Erasmo Hernandez, 33 year old Lose Luis Lopez-Ramirez and 33 year old Anderson Almeida were killed on the job and another injured when a mast scaffolding the were using fell from the Charter Square Construction Project. It is not clear who their employer was.

March 23 - Montrose, PA - 48 year old Daniel Acker died on the job while working in a quarry leased from owner Peter Kane.  Acker was operating a block saw on a bed of stone with his back to the highwall, and he apparently slipped on loose material or ice and fell several feet with the running saw landing on top of him. This caused severe lacerations to the back of his legs causing him to apparently bleed to death onsite.

March 24 - Fond du Lac, WI - 21 year old Trevor Casper was a Wisconsin State Trooper who was only three months out of the Academy when he was killed during a shoot out with a bank robber. He was on his first solo day when he encountered the suspect who had also killed another person in his attempt to get away.

March 24 - San Jose, CA - 38 year old Michael Johnson was an officer for the San Jose Police Department when he was killed on duty. He and other officers were responding to a call about a suicidal person when they were met with gunfire as they approached the apartment building. the gunman was found dead on his balcony.

March 24 - Minot, ND - 37 year old Brian James Story and 50 year old Christopher Rusk Sluder were shot to death by a worker who was part of a verbal altercation the day before regarding work performance. Story was part of an employee development programat Turtle Mountain Pork, while Sluder was the manager. The worker was arrested for the murders. Turtle Mountain Pork is managed by AMVC, a swine management company based in Audubon, Iowa.

March 24 - Killeen, TX - 61 year old Frank Wilson was a truck operator for the City of Killeen when he was killed on the job at the city's Solid Waste transfer station. He was apparently struck by a piece of motorized equipment. 

March 25 - Sultan, WA - Dennis Blansett was a machinest for Docufeed Technologies, Inc. preparing to set a milling machine when the owner saw him collapse onto the floor. He was resuscitated and transported to an area hospital when he suffered a second cardiac event and did not recover.

March 25 - Inchelium, WA - 54 year old Jeffery Sackman died on the job when he was crushed by a falling tree as he was cutting a separate tree. He was employed by Ram/Z Excavating and Construction Company at the time of his death.

March 25 - Hanford, CA - 51 year old Luis Manuel Santos was killed on the job when he was electrocuted. He was a truck driver for Penny-Newman Grain of Fresno and while unloading grain he came into contact with overhead power lines. He suffered head and neck injuries associated with electrocution. 

March 25 - Bridgeport, CT - 30 year old Jose Araujo of Milford was working inside a trench for Burns Construction when a man walked up to him and shot him. The man who shot Araujo had walked up to a job site foreman inquiring about a job and was told him to fill out an application at the company office. The man walked away but then came back and fired multiple shots, striking Araujo.

March 26 - Blaine, WA - Terry Whight was attempting to climb onto a tractor used to remove a pool liner when he fell backwards onto the ground. It has been determined that he passed away from natural causes. He was employed by Beachwood Resort at the time of his death. 

March 27 - Miami, FL - An unidentified maintenance worker was killed on the job when he was struck by a glass table top that flew off a balcony. He was working on an electric gate at the Flamingo Apartments when the piece of glass flew off one of the balconies on the ninth floor due to the high winds. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

March 28 - Morgantown, PA - 27 year old Jacob Lopez of Ephrata was working in the melt shop of Timet Titanium manufacturing plant when an explosion occurred.  State police say a boiler about 35 feet in diameter exploded while using titanium for production inside the plant.
State police said Monday that a five- or six-foot-tall boiler that was 20 to 25 feet in diameter exploded while using titanium for production

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State police said Monday that a five- or six-foot-tall boiler that was 20 to 25 feet in diameter exploded while using titanium for production

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Connect with us... Facebook/69WFMZ or @69News
State police said Monday that a five- or six-foot-tall boiler that was 20 to 25 feet in diameter exploded while using titanium for production

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March 30 - Harrison County, MS - 40 year old Brandon Seth Ricks, a pilot for T & M Aviation from Blanchard, OK and 55 year old Steven D. Cobb, a member of the US Forest Service were both killed in a helicopter crash. The helicopter was assisting with a prescribed burn when it suddenly crashed into a wooded area. Nearby witnesses said right before the crash, they heard the helicopter overhead, and it sounded like it was having engine troubles. 

March 30 - Mount Vernon, WA - Lisa Eison was an employee for Mert's Taxi when she was shot to death while on duty. Attempts to locate further information has not been found.

March 31 - Battle Mountain, NV - 47 year old Ronald Paul Raiche, Jr. died on the job when he was struck by a motorist. He was working in a two-man crew on the right shoulder of I-80 west of Battle Mountain to repair cracks when a commercial vehicle drifted onto the shoulder. He was an employee of the Nevada Dept. of Transportation.

March 31 - Soundview/Bronx, NY - Victor Chafla was a long time employee for VZ Deli, a bodega in the Bronx. He was the unintended victim of a shooting March 26th outside the store as he was stocking fruits and vegetables in an outdoor display.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the families and friends who have lost a loved one to a work related incident. Please know we are here to offer guidance, resources and advocacy. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any help to you.

February 26, 2015 - Sarasota, FL - 24 year old Jonathan M. Dennis of Sanford was fatally crushed by a scissor lift as he worked inside an old movie theater at a mall in Sarasota. He was employed by Creative Environmental Services of Orlando, a subcontractor for Gerardi Construction, Inc.

March 2, 2015 - Dallas, TX - 54 year old David Frank Ostang was a mechanic of 30 years for American Airlines. He was closing and locking down the door of a Boeing 767 plane when he somehow slipped and fell from the jet bridge. He was also a member of the Transport Workers Local 591.

March 2 - Johnstown, PA - 38 year old Janice Livingston was a paramedic for West End Ambulance Services when she was struck and killed in the line of duty. She died in the last of a sequence of three crashes that took place in Upper Yoder Township. After a chain reaction of crashes occurred a coal truck came down the icy road and plowed through the emergency scene. The coal truck road the guardrail in an unsuccessful effort to stop. 

March 3 - Sharonville, OH - 70 year old Manuel Aquino of West Chester was fatally crushed by equipment while working for Art's Equipment Rental. He was working with a front-end loader when he became trapped between the bucket on the piece of equipment and the machine itself. 

March 3 - Kanawha, TX - 32 year old Paul Chelius of Paris went missing on The Circle C Ranch in Red River County and was later found dead inside a grain elevator silo. He had apparently fallen into the silo.  

March 3 - Campti, LA - 42 year old David Scott Long was working with a crew at the International Paper's Red River paper mill when he fell from scaffolding. His harness became entangled in a machine, causing him to fall. He was an employee for the Boch Group. 

March 5 - North Philadelphia, PA - 30 year old Robert Wilson III was a member of the Philadelphia Police Department when he was fatally shot during a robbery at a local store. Wilson was at a Game Stop store while on duty to do a "security check" and to buy a gift for his 8-year-old son, who was being rewarded for doing well in school. A shoot out ensued after two men, intending to rob the store, encountered Wilson. The suspects were later captured and charged for Officer Wilson's death.

March 5 - Brownsville, TX - Vidal Garcia, a US Navy veteran, was working his normal shift at Galaxy Bowling Center when he was killed on the job. He was working behind the bowling lanes when his shirt became entangled in the machine that picks up bowling pins. 

March 6 - St. Louis, MO - 52 year old Ronald Rector of Linn was piloting an ARCH Air Medical helicopter when it crashed. He was the only person on board and was heading to pick up another crew after having dropped off a crew and patient. The cause of the crash is not clear.

March 6 - York, PA - 63 year old Stanley Foller was killed on the job while working for New York Wire Company. He died of asphyxiation when a spool of wire weighing several thousand pounds fell on his chest.

March 7 - Coney Island, NY - 31 year old Toni Jackson, a New York City Housing Authority maintenance worker died on the job from an apparent fall. She was found unconscious next to a trash compactor in the basement of a building that is part of the Coney Island Houses. She was rushed to a local hospital but did not recover.

March 9 - Cameron, WV - 45 year old John M. "Mike" Garloch of Neffs, OH was working in a Murray Energy mine when he was struck by falling rock as the mine roof collapsed. He was an assistant longwall coordinator. Other injured workers were released from the hospital. 

March 9 - Moreno Valley, CA - 27 year old Kyle Sebulsky, an employee for Road Builders, Inc. was driving an earth mover truck performing roadway services for Burbank City at it's Landfill No 3 when he was killed on the job. The truck lost traction and rolled down an embankment, causing Sebulsky to be thrown from the truck and down the embankment.

March 10 - Upton County, TX - Three members of one family were killed on the job during an oil rig explosion and fire. Rojelio Salgado, Arturo Martinez, Sr. and Arturo Martinez, Jr., all from Andrews, TX, were working for the independent contractor Mason Well Services at an oil rig owned by Parsley Energy. The cause of the explosion is not clear.

March 10 - Santa Rosa Sound, FL - A Louisiana National Guard helicopter was performing training activities when, during thick fog, it crashed into the water. Following are the military men who perished in the crash.
Members of the Louisiana National Guard:
37 year old Chief Warrant Officer and pilot George Wayne Griffin, Jr. of Delhi, LA
44 year old Chief Warrant Officer George David Strother of Alexandria, LA
40 year old Staff Sergeant Lance Bergeron of Thibodaux, LA and
Staff Sergeant Thomas Florich of Fairfax, VA 
Members of the 2nd Special Operations Battalion of the Marine Corp Special Operations Command out of Camp Lejeune, NC:
33 year old Master Sergeant Thomas Saunders of Williamsburg, VA
33 year old Staff Sergeant Liam Flynn of Queens, NY
29 year old Staff Sergeant Trevor P. Blaylock of Lake Orion, MI
Staff Sergeant Kerry Michael Kemp of Port Washington, WI
26 year old Staff Sergeant Andrew Seif of Holland, MI and
27 year old Staff Sergeant Marcus Bawol of Warren, MI

March 11 - Brent, AL - Keith Leverette was killed on the job when an explosion and fire occurred at the Brent Industries plant in Brent. Several other workers were injured in the explosion. Other employees say they make refurbished gloves at the plant and that a cleaning process requires the use of hazardous chemicals. Several of the employees told authorities that a combination of static electricity in the washing and drying section plus those chemicals could have sparked this explosion.

March 12 - Kansas City, MO - 23 year old Colton R. Frisbee was a painter working with others at  Precise Paint Systems in Grain ValIey, Mo when the lift they were working from became unstable. As the scissor lift became unstable to the point of tipping Frisbee jumped from the lift but it unfortunately fell onto him, pinning him. It is unclear who their employer was. 

March 12 - Eufaula, OK - Matt Mathews was killed and two other were injured when their Eagle Med helicopter crashed in Eastern Oklahoma. Matthews was the pilot of the helicopter. The cause of the crash is unknown at the time.

March 12 - Medina, WA - 34 year old Joe Arrants was working at a construction site for the new SR 520 bridge across Lake Washington when he fell from the structure. He fell off the edge of a bridge deck about 60 to 70 feet to the ground. Authorities investigating say it appears that his self-retracting lanyard broke during the initial fall from the platform.He was employed by Kiewit General Manson.

March 13 - Forest City, NC - 27 year old Blake Tyler Luckadoo of Rutherfordton died on the job after being thrown from a piece of heavy equipment. He was an operator for Sisk Grading preparing a site for the county. He was found unresponsive next to the machine.

March 13 - Utica, NY - 23 year old Donald R. Frendenburg had just taken his service oath as a New York State Trooper three days prior to his death on the job. During a basic-training run, in his second week of training, he collapsed. He later died at an area hospital.

Monday, March 09, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Please know that we are here to help families and others who have been affected by a work related death. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

December 31, 2014 - Sweden, NY - 53 year old Thomas W. Taylor of Holley died on the job when he was struck by a vehicle. Taylor was plowing driveways when he parked his truck in a driveway and got out of his pickup to look for a customer's address. He was walking on the shoulder when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. His employment is not known.

January 1, 2015 - Fort Edward, NY - 41 year old Melvin W. Jacobie was killed on the job when he was crushed under a tractor trailer semi he was working under when it rolled down an embankment, running him over. It is not known who he was working for.

Following is the second half of February 2015.

February 11 - Southbridge, MA - 22 year old Kevin J. "George" St. Pierre, Jr. was a tow truck driver attempting help a stranded motorist on MassPike when he was struck and killed by a motorist driving a box truck. He was employed with Sturbridge Service Center for the last year.

February 14 - San Jose, CA - 35 year old Manuel Alvarez Zuniga was a security guard for SJ Security when he was shot to death on the job over a stolen box of cigarillos. He was working security at the BBoss Club when a man grabbed a box of cigarillos at a store next door to the club and began running to a getaway car. Zuniga and a second guard noticed the commotion and spotted the thief running to the car and dropping cigarillos in the process. Soon afterward, someone in the car began firing. Zuniga saved the life of his fellow guard when he stepped in front of him when the shots rang out, said the other guard.

February 15 - Pendleton, SC - 52 year old Kenneth M. Stanton died on the job when he was struck by a drunk motorist as he was directing traffic around a wreck. The Anderson SC Fire Department volunteer was struck when a vehicle went around a tow truck through the scene and striking him.

February 16 - Richland, WA - Robert Wildenborg was an employee for Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. when he suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack. He had gone on break and was found by a co-worker. It was ruled a natural causes death.

February 16 - Marietta, GA - 49 year old Norberto Galicia Romero was killed on job while working inside a silo in Houston, TX.  Romero was an employee for an unnamed company hired by Thomas Concrete to clean inside a silo. As he attempted to unclog a "hopper" in the silo, he fell and there was a collapse and he was buried by sand and gravel. 

February 17 - North Versailles, PA - 48 year old Charles Shahan of Mt. Pleasant was working in an aerial bucket lift trimming trees when he fell some 30 feet out of the bucket. He was an employee for Davey Tree Expert Company. It is unclear how he came to fall from the lift. 

February 17 - Shelbyville, TN - 38 year old James A. Currier died on the job after falling into a running piece of machinery at the Tyson Foods Poultry plant in Shelbyville. Currier worked for QSI, a division of The Vincit Group which provides plant sanitation services.

February 17 - Livermore, CO - 29 year old Joshua Lascelles from Ogden, UT was operating a tractor trailer semi truck in Colorado when the right wheels of the truck went off the road. Authorities report that Lascelles over-corrected causing the semi to rotate and turn on its side. It is not known who his employer was.

February 17 - Houston, TX - 19 year old Frank Madrano was working alone inside a home under construction as his cousin was working in another home nearby. A man entered the home where Madrano was working and shot him while robbing him. The company the men were working for is not known. The cousin was able to give the police a description of someone he saw running from the house after alerting to the gunshot noise.

February 17 - Keizer, OR - 40 year old Christopher Pierson was driving piles on a retaining wall project for Union Pacific near railroad tracks when a 35-foot beam he was placing detached and pierced the cab of his crane. He suffered fatal head injuries. He was an employee for Axis Crane and was a member of Operating Engineers Local 701.

February 18 - Souderton, PA - 25 year old Danny Vasquez was stabbed to death during a confrontation with a co-worker just outside the JBS Meatpacking plant. No known motive for the fight has been given. 

February 20 - Heilwood, PA - 29 year old Todd Trimble of Gallitzin was working in the Rosebud Heilwood mine when a large rock dislodged from the mine roof, crushing him.

February 21 - Alcoa, TN - 64 year old Daniel L. Word of Louisville died on the job while working at the Alcoa Tennessee Operations North plant. The circumstances surrounding the incident are not clear but it involved the aluminum can sheet that are processed there.

February 18 and 22 - Canton, MA - Two unidentified workers died on the job after falling while attempting to clear snow from roofs. One worker fell about 40 feet through a skylight. No further details are known about his death. The other worker was also clearing snow from the Draper Knitting Co. when he fell. Reports state he was 35 years old.

February 23 - Tacoma, WA - Thomas Burzloff was working his normal job at The Home Depot when he fell and hit his head. He was climbing down portable stairs when he fell several steps to the ground. He was knocked unconscious when he hit his head and began to have seizures. He died at a local hospital.

February 24 - Mabton, WA - Randy Vasquez was an employee for Riverview Ranch and was driving a loader with a push blade on front. It is reported that he drove into a collection basin of manure from alleys which is about 6 - 8 feet deep. He died of asphyxiation due to inhalation of dairy waste water sludge.

February 26 - Fort Bliss, TX - Jesus Moreno of El Paso was a construction worker killed at the site of the new William Beaumont Army Medical Center. A co-worker said that Moreno was welding when something 'exploded' causing part of the structure he was on to fall apart, causing him to fall. The name of his direct employer is not known.

February 27 - Rochester, MN - 30 year old Brian Baird of Lehi, UT was killed on the job at a Minnesota hotel construction site after being struck by a piece of equipment.  He was underneath a telescopic forklift when a "very large attachment" fell from the arm of the lift. He was employed by Far West Construction of Utah, contracted by PLC, Inc. for the project.

February 27 - Columbia, SC - 56 year old Paul Lewis Fee of Winnsboro was with a crew doing road work on the interstate when he was struck by a motorist. Fee was an employee for the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

February 27 - Akron, OH - 60 year old William Haring was killed on the job after he was crushed by a piece of equipment. Police confirm Haring was crushed by a machine door or swinging mechanism at Logan Machine Company.

February 28 - West Allis, WI - 33 year old Ryan Calkins of Brookfield was killed on the job working on a road construction project called the Zoo Interchange. A representative from the area OSHA office says that Calkins "came into contact" with a drill rig while he was installing tiebacks on a retaining wall. He was employed by Michels Corporation, which is part of the joint venture Wisconsin Constructors II, LLC for the Wisconson Department of Transportation.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts are with the families who have had to face the loss of their loved one due to a preventable work related incidence. We are here to help or give guidance and support, so please let us know if we can help you by going to

February 1, 2015 - Pueblo, CO - An unidentified man from Denver died on the job after being caught in between equipment while working at Xcel Energy's Comanche Generating Station. A witness said he was walking next to heavy equipment as a large transformer was being moved from one area to another, and was crushed during that operation and later died from his injuries. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

February 1 - Renton, WA - Alan Roberts was a shuttle car driver for Shuttle Express, Inc. when he was found unresponsive outside of his vehicle in a store parking lot. It was determined that he died of a heart attack.

February 2 - Lincoln, NE - 30 year old Emil Galabov of Harwood Heights, IL was driving a semi tractor-trailer for an unknown company when he collided with another semi tractor-trailer. Galabov was thrown from the truck during the crash.

February 2 - Carol Stream, IL - 35 year old Chad Nelson of Elgin was killed on the job in an air tank explosion at Maac Machinery manufacturing plant in Carol Stream. The estimated 200 gallon air tank was being tested for leaks when the explosion occurred. There was no fire or smoke associated with the incident.

February 3 - Chattanooga, TN - 54 year old Wallace Scarbro was killed on the job from an unknown cause while working for the Chattanooga Wrigley candy manufacturing plant. The statement by the company does not give a cause of death but an investigation is underway. This is the second death at the plant in 16 months.

February 3 - Hillsboro, TX - 50 year old Michael Fortner of Wiggins, MS was an employee of Strike, the Woodlands-based energy services company when he died on the job. Authorities say it appeared that Fortner, a mechanic, was repairing the brake system on a commercial truck and trailer, when the safety devices failed, causing the trailer to back over and crush him. 

February 3 - Texarkana, TX - 61 year old Jose Andrede of Texarkana, AR was working on a new road in the area when he somehow became pinned between the backhoe and backhoe's boom arm and died. He was an employee for Texarkana Construction Company.

February 3 - Indiantown, FL - An unidentified migrant worker was fatally crushed as he waited to begin his work day at a local farm. Authorities said one worker hopped behind the wheel of the bus when the driver was late to work, pulling it in front of a restaurant. He then tried to back the bus into place, accidentally crashing through a small fence into two men sitting on a bench out front. One worker was killed, the other injured.

February 5 - Glen Ridge, NJ - 31 year old Michael Alfaro of Carteret most likely suffered a fatal electrocution while working on a utility pole near a private residence while PSE&G crews were investigating a power outage in the area. He was found standing on a ladder that was leaning against the utility pole. He was an employee for Comcast.

February 5 - Medora, IL - 59 year old Kenneth Lehr was the beloved Fire Chief of the Medora Fire District. He died when he was struck and killed while on the job.  Authorities say firefighters were in the process of shutting down a section of highway so a medical helicopter could land. That’s when a another firefighter backed up his truck and struck the chief.

February 6 - Highland Park, MI - 33 year old Roderick Jones was an Army Ranger veteran and a member of the Highland Park Reserve Police when he was gunned down in an altercation at a club. Police said Jones went outside to secure the parking lot for club goers and employees when he was ambushed and shot three times in the chest. He started his own security company and was working security for the club.

February 6 - Columbia, SC - 31 year old Marvis L. Myers died after being buried in a trench collapse. He was working for the City of Columbia, four to six feet below ground level working on pipe repairs when the cave-in occurred. He was freed but died later at a local hospital.

February 6 - Manhattan, KS - 30 year old William Wiske of Wamego was working to repair a water main when a trench collapsed around him near a street intersection in Manhattan. He was an employee of the Water Services Division of the City of Manhattan.

February 6 - Huntsville, AL - 51 year old Marie Sanderson of Union Grove and 43 year old Aimee Cothran Bearden of Huntsville were both employees for UltraTec Special Effects in Huntsville, a fireworks plant, when an explosion and fire occurred. Several other workers were injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

February 6 - Florence, KY - 30 year old Joel Rebennack died on the job after he was struck by an alleged drunk driver. Rebennack was standing behind his bucket truck when another vehicle hit and pinned him. The driver who struck him has been arrested for his death. She was earlier arrested and released on an influence charge. The bucket truck belonged to the Bowlin Group and is subcontracted to Time Warner Cable.

February 7 - Bellingham, WA -  Ted R. Carter was at his job with Parker Corporate Services, Inc. dba Pacific Security when he suffered a fatal medical event that was non work-related. He was found deceased by the company client.

February 8 - Irondequoit, NY - 46 year old Scott Ponticello was a lineman for Rochester Gas & Electric when he died on the job of an unknown cause. Reports state he was found on the ground but gave no details as to why.

February 9 - San Antonio, TX - 45 year old Jesus Ruiz died on the job of what is being called a mysterious death. He had been down inside an eight foot hole at the back of the Alcoa Mill Products property when he told a co-worker he did not feel well. After sitting down in the hole, he lost consciousness. Emergency crews were unable to revive him.

February 9 - Kirkwood, MO - 47 year old Chrissy Wilson-Mueller had clocked out of her shift for the United States Postal Service and was walking to her car when she was struck by a motorist on December 30, 2014. She suffered brain trauma, broken bones and a collapsed lung. She never regained consciousness and was recently released to hospice care before she passed away on the 9th.

February 10 - Albuquerque, NM - 25 year old German Caballero of Kermit, TX was working near a well at the Concho rig site when he was struck in the head by a steel beam. Police say he died on the job after the piece of steel, that was being removed from the well, fell onto him. It is unclear who he was working for.

February 11 - Duncannon, PA - 52 year old Theresa Walsh of Millfont was directing traffic as a modular home was was being transported along the road when she was struck by a motorist. She was standing outside her vehicle when a young woman struck her car and ultimately her. She was unable to be revive at the site. It is not clear who she was employed by.

February 11 - Goliad, TX - 40 year old Scotty O'Neal Stanley of Livingston died after falling from an unnamed oil rig in Texas. Other workers heard a hardhat fall and looked up to see Stanley dangling from his safety harness. Authorities believe Stanley slipped and fell, striking his head and being left unconscious. A co-worker was able to lower him down but he died by the time emergency personnel arrived.

February 12 - Lennox, SD - 45 year old Jon Richter was a dispatcher at the Lennox Sioux Steel Company. He was shot to death in a case of workplace violence. Richter was assigning trucks to deliver trailers to different locations and asked an individual to transport a trailer to another state. An argument ensued for an unknown reason and the other worker returned with a weapon and shot Richter and another worker, who survived.

February 12 - Cannon Falls, MN - 81 year old John Simon Schafer of Goodhue was working for O'Reilly Auto Parts in Cannon Falls when he suffered injuries due to a fall. He was 8 feet to 10 feet off the ground while working in a confined area with metal racking. His fall was not observed by others.

February 13 - Joliet, IL - 22 year old Jeremy Hughes died on the job after he was pinned between two vehicles. He was working at Center Point Properties when his truck became stuck on a patch of ice while moving containers.  He exited his tractor when, unknown to the him, another driver began using his truck to try and push him free from the rear. Hughes was then between his vehicle and another container parked next to him, and he was pinned.

February 13 - Lexington, KY - 27 year old Nicholas A. Hamm of Georgetown was killed on the job when his work truck ran off a two-lane stretch of roadway, snapping a utility pole and hitting two trees. Hamm, who police say was alone in the truck, lost control when his right-side wheels dropped off the steep edge of the pavement and apparently couldn't steer the vehicle back onto the road.He was employed by Matco Tools.

February 13 - Citronelle, AL - 25 year old Marshall James Walton of Mobile died on the job after a pickup truck hit the trailer he was working on. The driver of the vehicle stayed on scene after the accident. Walton was working for his family's business, John G. Walton Construction Co., Inc.

February 14 - Hershey, NE - 59 year old Russ Peterson of Ogallala was killed on the job in an incident at Simplot Grower Solutions. Peterson was trapped inside a ladder safety cage between the grain leg and the roof of the building when the leg he was climbing collapsed onto the roof. Authorities said it appeared the leg was rusted at the base.

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The Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace

Our thoughts and healing wishes are with all the family members who have lost a loved one while working. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have been through a work related death and understand. Please visit for more information.

January 9, 2014 - Buffalo, WY - 26 year old Joshua Adams of Gillette died on the job from a partial rig collapse at Basic Energy Services oil derrick. He suffered blunt force trauma when he was pinned under several 'sucker' or drilling rods. Details were not given as to how the incident happened.

January 14 - Watford, ND - 37 year old Wes Herrmann suffered fatal burns at a QEP Resources oil well site explosion near Mandaree. He was the owner of a start-up roustabout company, Legendary Field Services, doing a fairly routine tube change on the heater-treater unit when a sudden ignition created an inferno of fire. He died at an area hospital. 

January 15 - Bismark, ND - An unidentified man was found dead on a catwalk of an oil well tank battery. He was gauging the tank setup at a Denbury Resources well site between Dickinson and Manning. Repeated attempts to locate his name have been unsuccessful.

January 15 - Farmington Hills, MI - 37 year old Greg Messenger of Temperance was severely injured on his arms, hands and face when he was trapped in the Jan. 8 fire inside a large storage tower at Piedmont Concrete in Farmington Hills. Six others who were injured in the fire have since recovered. Messenger died at the hospital on January 15.

January 15 - St. Louis, MO - 50 year old Scott Knopfel was an overnight manager for the Drury Inn Hotel when he was shot to death by an armed robber at the hotel. The suspect came up to the hotel doors, which were locked, but was allowed in by Knopfel. After entering the hotel lobby and engaging in conversation with Knopfel, the suspect showed a handgun and vaulted the counter. Knopfel and the suspect engaged in a struggle while the cash drawer was opening before shooting Knopfel in the head.

January 16 - Augusta, GA - 59 year old Ralph Avery Zorn of Barnwell, SC died on the job due to a fall.  He was standing on a scissor lift at Machuch Steel in Augusta when another piece of equipment reportedly struck the lift, causing him to fall approximately 20-30ft. He died later that day at an area hospital.

January 17 - Annapolis Junction, MD - An unidentified worker at Rock's State Park was killed when he was struck by falling jersey wall falling from above, possibly caused by moving equipment. He and several other workers were assisting in the effort to stabilize a portion of Route 24 in the park. He was an employee for Corman Construction who had the lead in the project. C.G Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company for Corman. Repeated attempts to local his name have been unsuccessful.

January 17 - Melbourne, FL - 36 year old Leonardo Coppola died a hero when he was shot to death by an employee's husband as he tried to shield her from harm. Police have confirmed that Coppola tried to move the woman out of the way when her husband turned up at the mall to confront her and also attempted to grab the gun away. The wife was shot but survived. Coppola was the owner of a pizzeria at the mall in Melbourne, name unknown.

January 17 - San Marcos, CA - 48 year old Jabar Issa of El Cajon was a tow truck driver who was helping fix a flat tire for a motorist when he was struck and killed by another motorist. The name of Issa's employer is unknown.

January 17 - Burbank, CA - 37 year old Greg Plitt, Jr., fitness model and Bravo reality star, was apparently shooting a fitness video on a train track as he had before, but this time he was struck and killed by a commuter train near the Burbank train station. Authorities are investigation how he and his crew got onto the restricted track or who gave them permission to shoot there.

January 17 - West Palm Beach, FL - 48 year old Hermino Padilla, Jr. was a plant supervisor for West Palm Beach Water Treatment Facility. He died on the job after he fell through a possible unsafe grate, through the system and into a sewage tank.

January 19 - Joliet, IL - 24 year old Mohammad Y. Eid was a store clerk for Gardner Food Mart when an armed gunman came into the store to rob it. He pulled out his own gun and a gunfight ensure and that is when he was shot. The gunman also died after being shot.

January 19 - Augusta, KY - 35 year old Brandon William Carl died on the job when the Hopple Street overpass bridge suffered a "catastrophic pancake" collapse during demolition. He was working from an excavator under the overpass when it collapsed and he was crushed. He was employed by Kokosing Construction working for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

January 20 - Center Point, AL - 20 year old Chance Richard Rolland was killed on the job when he was struck by a motorist during road construction while directing traffic. He was employed by T.E. Stevens Construction.

January 20 - Boston, MA - 44 year old Dr. Michael Davidson of Wellesly died on the job when he was confronted by a gunman who shot him while working at Brigham and Woman's Hospital. The gunman was reported the son of a patient of Dr. Davidson's when she died.

January 20 - Rock's State Park, MD - An unidentified worker was killed when he was struck by debris from a falling jersey wall. He and another worker went into the base of a ravine to retrieve some equipment. A lane separator, known as a jersey wall collapsed and fell on top of him. Repeated attempts to locate his name and employer have been unsuccessful.

January 21 - Upper West Side, NY - 61 year old Frank Dragotta of Morganville, NJ died on the job when he fell down an elevator shaft as he working in a building in Manhattan, NY. It is unknown who he was employed by.

January 21 - Cumming, GA - 27 year old Brian Johnson was killed on the job when he was struck by a falling tree while working with a crew that was clearing trees for new power lines. He was an employee for Shawnee Electric Corporation (EMC).

January 21 - Bunker, MO - John Hoodenpyle, Sr. was a miner working at the Fletcher Mine when he was fatally struck by falling rock. He was checking for and removing loose rock from the Doe Run Company’s mine. According to the company, the employee's equipment cab was hit by loose material, which fatally injured him.

January 21 - Everett, WA - Kenneth Staberow was at work for Boeing Company when he collapsed and died of a non work related medical event.

January 22 - Carrollton, GA - 45 year old Charles Pollard of Ranburne, AL was shoveling mud and gravel from a roadway in Georgia when he was struck by a motorist in the road. According to his obituary he was working for McIntyre Lumber Company as an equipment operator.

January 23 - Middletown, CT - 40 year old Jason Strycharz of Portland died on the job after he was struck by a piece of steel that was swinging from a crane inside a warehouse. He was an employee for Kloeckner Metals factory in Middletown.

January 23 - Ticonderoga, NY - 57 year old Jorg Borowski of Schroon Lake died at a local hospital from burns he received earlier in the day at International Paper's Ticonderoga paper mill. Borowski was on the maintenance crew at the mill and was injured in mill’s Power House, which burns fuel oil and bark to generate electricity for the plant’s two paper machines.

January 23 - Phoenix, AZ - 21 year old Grant Ronnebeck was well liked by his co-workers and loved by family and friends.  Many of them are still in shock over his murder. He was working at the Quik Trip when an armed robbery suspect walked in and shot him over a pack of cigarettes. 

January 25 - Manhattan, NY - 38 year old Moctar Sy was the manager of a Home Depot store in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A disgruntled ex-employee who had been fired went into the store and was speaking to another employee when he saw his old boss. He then pulled a gun and shot Sy to death before turning the gun on himself.

January 25 - Brooklyn, NY - 49 year old Rafael Pujols was shot to death during a robbery when he refused to hand over money to the alleged suspect. After shooting Pujols, the suspect fled the Las Vegas Deli & Grocery store without money or property. 

January 28 - Aberdeen, MD - 33 year old Eric Jones of Forest Hill was operating a forklift at Northeastern Supply Distribution Center when another forklift "bumped" into his and he was knocked off. He fell backward approximately 20 feet to the floor.

January 28 - North Charleston, SC - 54 year old David Swain was found unresponsive on the stage of the North Charleston Performing Arts Center next to the basket of a toppled lift. He fell approximately 30 feet to the stage floor. He was the Technical Director and an employee of SMG, the company hired to manage operations at the PAC.

January 28 - Midland, TX - 26 year old Fabian Garduno Martinez died and a co-worker injured when they were knocked off a scissor lift. The two men were demolishing a brick wall with sledge hammers while standing on a scissor lift. The brick wall then collapsed, causing the lift to fall. Garduno-Martinez fell out of the lift and hit his head on the ground. The company the men were working for is unknown.

January 29 - Farmington, CT - 65 year old Neil Hynick of Schofield, WI was a truck driver delivering bundles of aluminum to Stanley Access Technologies when a load of steel and aluminum fell on him. A spokesman for Stanley Black & Decker, which owns Stanley Access Technologies, said Hynick was a third-party contractor but did not name the company he worked for.

January 30 - Chicago, IL - 45 year old Joel Ogiego of Portage, IN died on the job after he was crushed in a construction incident. Ogiego was about 60 feet above ground working inside a crane during the construction of a high-rise residential building. He was leaning into a shaft where a cage, or "elevator," was descending, and pinned him against the crane. The name of the construction company he was working for is unknown.

January 31 - Shawnee, OK - Trooper Nicholas Dees and another Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper were were responding to a semi truck that had tipped over the median. While they were investigating the incident, the two were hit by another vehicle. The car that struck the officers passed a blocked area instead of staying the lane where traffic was being diverted, going around the police vehicle.

and another worker went into the base of a ravine at the site to retrieve some equipment around 1:30 p.m. Friday when a lane separator—also known as a jersey wall or jersey barrier—fell on top of him and killed him. - See more at:
and another worker went into the base of a ravine at the site to retrieve some equipment around 1:30 p.m. Friday when a lane separator—also known as a jersey wall or jersey barrier—fell on top of him and killed him. - See more at:

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